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Ground Dragon (グランドドラゴン, Gurando Doragon) was an artificial mutant created by Dr. Genus of the House of Evolution.


Ground Dragon is a large brown mole with a white pattern in the form of Kanji that spells out his name. His only other distinctive feature is his large claws.


Introduction SagaEdit

House of Evolution ArcEdit


"Found you~"

Ground Dragon is part of the team that goes after Saitama on Dr. Genus' orders. When Saitama unexpectedly kills Kamakyuri and defeats Frog Man and Slugerous, Ground Dragon is able to grab Saitama's feet and drag him in the ground, trapping him with only his head showing. As Beast King arrives to the scene, Ground Dragon comes to the surface and comments that it will be easier when the victim cannot resist. Ground Dragon reacts with surprise when Saitama frees himself with ease and warns Beast King not to kill him. He is shocked to learn that Saitama is much stronger than they expected when he witnesses him killing Beast King and flees back underground. However, Saitama dives in the ground as well, turns up right in front of Ground Dragon and punches him through the ground into the sky.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed: Ground Dragon's only abilities seem to be his ability to dig under the ground at high speed. He can use this to flee from the fighting scene or to dig under a person's feet and then grab the target and drag him underground.[3]


  • (As Saitama appears before him) "You've got to be shitting meeee!!"[2]


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