Grizzly Nyah (グリズニャー, Gurizunyā) was a Mysterious Being that used to belong to a Hero Association staff.


  • Full Body View of a Child
  • Adult Grizzly Nyah

Grizzly Nyah is a giant humanoid cat-like creature who has six eyes and sharp teeth.


Not much is known about them, but they, like many Mysterious Beings, seem aggressive towards humans.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Lost CatEdit

Grizzly Nyah Child Defeated

Younger Grizzly Nyah defeated

A Grizzly Nyah escaped her owner and began to cause a disturbance throughout Z-City. Shortly after escaping, she gave birth to two other Grizzly Nyah. One of her children incapacitated Heavy Kong and Peach Terry. The other child fought and was eventually defeated by A-Class heroes, Lightning Genji and Stinger. The first child would later be defeated by Genos. The mother would then make an appearance after sensing the defeat of her children. Saitama would then encounter the mother when trying to save a Hero Association's handler's daughter's cat. During the encounter, the mother would be quickly killed with one punch.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Grizzly Nyah are powerful enough defeat several A-Class heroes, including Peach Terry and Heavy Kong. Furthermore, one of the children was able to hit Genos with enough force to knock him through a wall. They are also fast enough to keep up with Lightning Genji's speed.


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