Giant Snowman (雪ダルマン, Yuki Daruman) was a Mysterious Being that arose from a mountain.


Giant Snowman is an extremely large monster, the size of a mountain. Its appearance is of a typical snowman with dark arms, small pointy nose and thick eyebrows.


This monster was created as snowmen around a snowy mountain became self aware and merged into one. Small and powerless in the beginning, it gradually absorbed the snowmen nearby and became an extremely dangerous giant.[1]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


200 YenEdit

The monster appears in the mountains, as Saitama is carrying a child on his shoulders.[2] The fight between this monster and Saitama is not shown.


  • A similar (but different from the one in the manga, not looking like a "typical snowman") creature appears in the anime's intro sequence "The Hero!!".

Giant Snowman as it appears in the anime's beginning credits.


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