Genos vs. G4
Location M-City
Chapter(s) 37
Episode(s) N/A
Outcome Genos is victorious
Hero Genos Robot G4
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Rocket Punch
  • Incinerate
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Robotic Weaponry
  • Back Thrusters
  • Laser Beams
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Genos is slightly damaged G4 is destroyed
Previous Saitama vs. Pluton
Next Garou vs. Blue Fire, Heavy Tank Loincloth, Magic Trick Man and Criminals

Genos vs. G4 is a battle between S-Class hero Genos and The Organization's Demon-level monster G4.


G4 and King

G4 appears in front of King

Saitama and Genos are out grocery shopping, when they see the S-Class hero King. Genos tells Saitama that the man in front of them is King, but Saitama does not recognize the hero. Moments later, a monster appears terrorizing the civilians of M-City. At first, Genos believes that he and Saitama should help the civilians but quickly changes his mind, deciding to use the opportunity to observe King's fighting ability.

Genos smashes sword

Genos breaks G4's sword

The monster terrorizing the city is revealed to be G4, a Machine God created by The Organization. G4 quickly approaches King and threatens to obliterate the hero. G4 demands that King fight at full strength, to which King complies. However, King asks to use the restroom before fighting, claiming that when nature calls, he can only fight at half strength. G4 tells King that he will wait ten minutes, and for every minute King is late, he will kill one person. It is revealed that King is not strong, and instead ran away to hide. Although he feels guilty for his actions, he is too scared to come back. Due to King's absence, Genos ends up engaging in battle against G4.


Genos rocket punch

Genos using Rocket Punch

Genos breaks G4's sword, then initiates a Rocket Punch, sending the robot flying. G4 manages to get back up with the use of his back thrusters, and proceeds to attack Genos with a downwards kick. Genos manages to block the attack, but has taken minor damage to his face. Saitama asks Genos if he needs help, but Genos refuses, stating that defeating G4 would be the perfect opportunity to reach the Class-S top ten. Genos then breaks through the foot of G4, and continues his battle, while Saitama leaves the scene.


G4's reveals his true form

Genos eventually uses Incinerate to melt the internal structures of the robot, claiming that its big body was its downfall. Moments later, the large body of G4 completely melts to reveal the true form of the Machine God. Although much smaller now, G4 continues his battle against Genos by unleashing a barrage of laser beams, one of which cuts off Genos' right arm. In order to counter the lasers, Genos hides inside an apartment and comes up with a strategy.

Face head on

Genos and G4 head on

In an attempt to force Genos out of the apartment, G4 unleashes a barrage of laser beams, blowing up the entire area. After evading the attack, Genos throws a fire extinguisher and unseals the end of a nearby pipe, which produces a large amount of steam. He then restrains G4 with a cable from his severed right arm. G4 attempts to fire its lasers but finds it impossible due to the moisture dispersing the light. Genos announces that he is stronger than G4, and engages in hand-to-hand combat with the robot. It is later revealed that Genos has won the fight, but has sustained severe damage to his face and body. The battle between G4 and Genos lasted 15 minutes and 34 seconds.[1]


Genos goes to Dr. Kuseno's laboratory and gives him the remains of G4. He tells Dr. Kuseno to use the remains on himself, in order to become stronger.


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