Genos vs Deep Sea King
Location J-City shelter
Chapter(s) 25, 26
Episode(s) 9
Outcome Deep Sea King is victorious
Hero Genos Monster Deep Sea King
  • Incineration Cannon
  • Lightning Eye
  • Machine Gun Blows
Deep Sea King
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Acid Spit
  • Regeneration
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Genos is heavily damaged Deep Sea King is mildly injured
Previous Sneck, All Back-Man, Jet Nice Guy and Bunbunman vs. Deep Sea King
Next Mumen Rider vs. Deep Sea King

Genos vs Deep Sea King is the battle between the S-Class hero Genos and the demon level monster The Deep Sea King.

Prologue Edit

The scene reveals that the four heroes were utterly decimated by Deep Sea King's superior prowess, and the civilians cower in terror at Deep Sea King's seemingly unstoppable power. Just as Deep Sea King is about to prey on the human bystanders, Genos arrives on the scene, and their battle begins.

Battle Edit


Genos arrives to stop the Deep Sea King

Just as the Deep Sea King prepares to kill the civilians in the stadium, Genos crashed through the top of the stadium. As the Deep Sea King turns to face him, Genos quickly states he will eradicate him, and launches a very powerful punch at the Deep Sea King, creating a high burst energy wave that destroys the buildings behind Genos.


Deep Sea King lands a surprise attack on an unguarded Genos

The crowd begins to applaud, and just as Genos comments on how weak the Deep Sea King was, the monster grabs Genos arm and slams Genos with a powerful right hook, sending Genos into the wall and ripping off one of his arms in the process and cracking his face as well. The Deep Sea King, whose face has a hole from Geno's punch, says he will tear Genos to shreds, while Genos is disappointed in himself for letting his guard down and never learning from his mistakes.

Genos shouts for everyone to evacuate and leave the mysterious being to him. The Deep Sea King maliciously grins at the people and shouts they cannot escape. Genos surges with energy, then propels himself toward the Deep Sea King and kicks him square in the face, with the Deep Sea King matching his blow with a strong punch.

Genos and DSK

Genos block Deep Sea King punch

The two combatants exchange a barrage of punches, both of them seemingly equally matched, despite Genos only having one arm. Genos quickly gains the upper hand and lands a hard blow to the Deep Sea King's face. While he is distracted, Genos continues his assault and attacks with a very powerful uppercut, sending the Deep Sea King crashing up the roof. Genos uses his incineration cannons, which seem to disorient Deep Sea King.

He quickly shrugs off the enveloping flames, but not before Genos hovers above him and uses his lightning eye, temporarily blinding Deep Sea King. While he is blinded, Genos pummels him down with a kick, and continues with his Machine Gun Blows. Deep Sea King remarks how Genos likes combo attacks. As soon as they crash down, the smoke clears and reveals the two fighting to a standstill.


Genos defending a little girl form the Acid Spit

The civilians then retreat from the ensuing battle. While they are running away, a little girl shouts to Genos that she believes he can win. Upon hearing this, an annoyed Deep Sea King spits acid at the child, stating that brats should keep quiet and melt away. Left with no other choice, Genos throws his body into the path of the acid spit, saving the little girl but damaging his body greatly. Taking advantage of this, the Deep Sea King grabs Genos by the head and throws him into a nearby wall and then quickly follows-up with a devastating punch that sends Genos through the wall and out onto the street Most of his upper body is melted off, rendering Genos completely weakened and defenseless.


Deep Sea King standing victorious over Genos

The Deep Sea King laughs maliciously, then grabs the decrepit Genos and throws him across the stadium and into the street. Standing victorious, the Deep Sea King congratulates Genos for giving him a few scratches, but states they're already healed. But just as he's about to deal the final blow, the battle is interrupted by Mumen Rider.

Aftermath Edit

Genos is rendered completely immobile, and when Saitama arrived at the scene, he asks Genos if he is alive, showing the genuine connection's he has made with the teenage cyborg.