Genos vs. Carnage Kabuto
Genos vs
Location House of Evolution
Chapter(s) 10
Episode(s) 3
Outcome Carnage Kabuto is victorious, Saitama interrupts
Genos Carnage Kabuto
  • Cybernetic Combatant
  • Machine Gun Blows
Carnage Kabuto
  • Carnage Mode
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Genos is mildly injured Carnage Kabuto is uninjured
Previous Genos vs. Armored Gorilla
Next Saitama vs. Carnage Kabuto

Genos vs. Carnage Kabuto is a battle between S-Class hero Genos and House of Evolution's Dragon-level monster Carnage Kabuto.

Prelude Edit

One Punch Man 3 - 40

Genos destroys the House of Evolution

Genos and Saitama arrive at the House of Evolution only for the former to swiftly destroy the building with a massive blast.

Saitama finds a basement in which they both enter. At the basement, one of Dr. Genus's clones are killed by a chained up Carnage Kabuto. The real Dr. Genus converses with Carnage Kabuto and asks if he could kill Saitama and Genos for him. Carnage Kabuto rushes towards the two heroes and Genos is then "turned into a piece of modern art."

One Punch Man 3 - 57

Genos is turned into a piece of modern art

Kabuto then asks to enter the combat experimentation room. Saitama agrees to this because Kabuto "turned Genos into a piece of modern art." In the room, Kabuto then announces to start the killing only to be interrupted by Genos.

Battle Edit

One Punch Man 3 - 76

Genos after getting hit by his own fire attack

Genos blasts Kabuto in the face with a fire attack which doesn't to anything to Kabuto. Genos then uses his immense speed and propulsors to run around Kabuto to blast him with fire attacks and attack him with his Machine Gun Blows. While he is initiating his attack, he is swapped away by Kabuto and lands on Saitama's arms. Genos then releases a massive fire attack, but Kabuto is able to blow it back to Genos and Saitama. Saitama then takes over the fight for Genos.

Aftermath Edit

Saitama begins to take on Carnage Kabuto after Genos is down.