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What Can't Be BoughtEdit

He appears at the end, buying Saitama drinks that he wanted.[1]

Lost CatEdit

Genos is tasked by a member of the Hero Association to destroy a cat-like monster, a Grizzly Nyah. [2]


After being called over to Bang's dojo, Saitama learns that Bang got a whole bunch of lobsters from his brother and needs someone to help him eat them. Genos complains about them being called out for something insignificant, and tells Bang to call someone else if he needs help eating leftovers, at which point Saitama tells him to stop, saying that they're helping a lonely old man with his food problem. After Charanko arrives with the vegetables, they start preparing the hotpot while talking about a recent dojo hunter that has been attacking other dojos. Saitama notices that there isn't any cabbage, interrupting the conversation about the dojo hunter, which annoys Charanko. After seeing Saitama look bummed about the fact that there isn't any cabbage, Genos angrily asks Charanko why he planned to make hotpot without cabbage. Saitama tries to say that it's fine, but Genos keeps arguing with Charanko because he does not feel like he even feels sorry for not having bought cabbage. After Charanko challenges Genos to a match, Bang tries to calm down the situation by saying that he will go buy the cabbage, and asks Charanko to get along with the other two.[3]


Genos arrives at Saitama's Apartment to return Saitama's hero suit from the cleaners. Genos accompanies Saitama to the Hero Costume Contest and hands Saitama his registration ticket. Genos witnesses Saitama hand over his hero costume to a boy who had his clothes stolen and Saitama tells the boy to go home. Genos questions how Saitama will partake in the event without a hero costume. Saitama assures Genos as he will wear the T-shirt he won from Mouse Sushi. Genos remains silent about Saitama's clothes. Genos watches Saitama's debut on the stage and is shocked when Saitama declares he will show his special power. A monster alert rings and the monster Game-Berus appears. Saitama destroys the monster. After the contest, Genos discusses with Saitama how even though he lost the contest, the audience was on his side. Genos believes that the whole event was a lesson to teach Genos to focus on skill not appearance. He notes down this lesson.[4]


He joins Saitama in a video game contest against the Blizzard Group. He loses after he destroys his controller. He, Bang and Saitama save fellow heroes from Jumping Spider.[5]


Genos arrives at Saitama's Apartment with groceries to deliver a mission to Saitama. Genos responds to King's question on team heroes as a method for weaklings. When Saitama suggested they should form a team, Genos immediately praises the idea.[6]

Disaster LevelEdit

He appears at the end, after defeating a demon level monster.[7]


Road To HeroEdit


A Shadow That Snuck Up Too CloseEdit


The Pupil Who Is an Extremely Poor TalkerEdit


The Ninja Who Is Too ComplicatedEdit


Bang, Who Is Too OverbearingEdit


The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things HappeningEdit

He is on a train and receives a call that a bomb was put on the train. He, Fubuki and Swim team up to evacuate the train and stop the bomb. [13]

The Murder Case That Is Too ImpossibleEdit


Audio BooksEdit

Sonic, Becoming SaitamaEdit

Saitama and Genos split up to find and destroy a monster. Genos takes down the monster and looks for Saitama. He finds Speed-o'-Sound Sonic who was disguised as Saitama. Genos is astounded when Sonic tells Genos that he battled a monster and was hit in the head making his memory foggy. As such he forgot Genos' name. He asks where the monster disappeared to, then heads towards the mountains to search and destroy the monster.


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