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Genos, Bofoi and Saitama vs. Meteor

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Genos, Bofoi and Saitama vs. Meteor
Outcome Saitama destroys the meteor
*Metal Knight
  • Genos
  • Saitama
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Z-City is damaged Thee Meteor is destroyed
Previous Spring Mustachio and Golden Ball vs. Kombu Infinity

History Edit

It was a normal day in Z-city with only few clouds and the sun was shining. Then all the S-class heroes in Z-city are called but only Bang and Genos show. The reason why they were called was because a dragon level meteor that was not just going to destroy Z-city but damage the cities around it. Bang and Genos have a small conversation and 'I have a dojo passed down from generations here' Bang says to Genos and that is why Bang will stay and go down in the face of death with his families dojo. In the middle of Bang showing Genos his power Genos was left.

Battle Edit

Genos is seen speeding over rooftops when metal knight flies by, lands and genos asks are you here to defend Z-city too risking your life? Metal knight explains that it is just a suit and he's in a safe distance. Metal knight then fires missiles from his back, with Genos complaining to himself that he can't fire his beam. The missles hit and Genos is amazed with the destructive power of those missles that could have destroyed Z-city themselves but that could not stop the meteor then bang appears but can not do anything as he is a close-range combatant. Genos' chest opens up to reveal his shining blue core. He rips it out and then his arm opens. He puts it in and fires his maximum power beams. Bang says 'it's getting pushed back...never mind it's just my eyes.' Genos then falls back with Bang catching him exhausted by his attempt he is barely conscious to see Saitama arrive spring into the air and destroy the Meteor with one punch.