Garou vs. Mumen Rider, Tank Topper Army and Charanko
Garou defeats the Tanktop Army
Arc Hero Hunt Arc
Event Garou's Hero Hunt Begins
Outcome Garou is victorious. Everyone else is knocked unconscious.
Garou Mumen Rider
Tank Topper Army
Abilities and Techniques
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
Mumen Rider
  • Justice Crash

Tank Topper Army

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat

Tanktop Master

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Tanktop Tackle
  • Tanktop Punch


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
Webcomic Chapter 51 - 52
Manga Chapter 45 - 46
List of Fights
Previous Sweet Mask vs. Suppon
Next Garou vs. Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio
Garou vs. Mumen Rider, Tank Topper Army and Charanko is a battle between the hero hunter Garou and the Hero Association's Tank Topper Army along with Mumen Rider and Charanko.


Garou encounters Mumen Rider and prepares to attack him, but he is interrupted by the appearance of the Tank Topper Army.


Garou using WSRSF
Garou beats up Tanktop Vegetarian again, but is then attacked by Tanktop Master. Tanktop Master eventually manages to put Garou on the defensive but, Mumen Rider jumps in to stop an attack from Tanktop Master as he has done enough. Garou continues the battle and is forced to use Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist to counter Tanktop Master's brute strength. With Tanktop Master down, Mumen Rider attempts to stop Garou only to have his head bashed against the ground. The rest of the Tank Toppers fight Garou only to be beaten down. Charanko runs into Garou and tries to stop him only to be knocked out.


Mumen Rider, Tank Topper Army and Charanko are left hospitalized. Garou's infamy for taking down heroes spread throughout the world and is declared a monster by the Hero Association.