Garou vs. Metal Bat
Garou vs. Metal Bat
Arc Monster Raid Arc
Event Monster Association Invasion
Location S-City
Outcome Interrupted by Zenko. Garou leaves.
Garou Metal Bat
Abilities and Techniques
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
Metal Bat
  • Metal Bat
  • Fightin' Spirit
  • Fightin' Spirit Savage Tornado
Manga Chapter 57 - 58
List of Fights
Previous Metal Bat vs. Elder Centipede
Next Bofoi vs. Elder Centipede

Garou vs. Metal Bat is the battle between the hero hunter Garou and the S-Class hero Metal Bat.


The battle took place while Elder Centipede was attacking S-city. When Garou came by the find his next target, Metal Bat was coincidentally hurled towards him by Elder Centipede's Tidal Wave attack. Garou assumed that Metal Bat was dead, but the S-Rank hero immediately walked past him to resume his duel with Elder Centipede. Garou declared his intention to defeat Metal Bat, who at first ignored him, assuming he was an average citizen. Garou attacked, but Metal Bat raised his guard and repelled him, the two beginning their battle.

Battle Edit

Garou assaulted Metal Bat with several attacks, but didn't seem to make any real headway. Garou threw a manhole at Metal Bat, but Metal Bat deflected it with his bat. Despite Garou remaining on the offensive and landing heavy blows, Metal Bat seemed to only grow in strength and speed as the battle waged on, unnerving Garou. Metal Bat attributed this to his fighting spirit, cornering Garou and using his Savage Tornado attack. Garou deflected the attack, dealing Metal Bat a strike that seemed to incapacitate him. However, when Garou dropped his guard, Metal Bat rallied and was about to strike him from behind before the battle was interrupted by Zenko, Metal Bat's little sister.


While Metal Bat stood defensively between Garou and his sister, Zenko declared the fight was over, and that Metal Bat would never resort to violence with her present. Garou left without further trouble. Though Metal Bat wanted to continue his battle with Elder Centipede, a light slap from Zenko caused him to collapse from his wounds. Later on, when the unconscious Metal Bat and the defenseless Zenko were targeted by Sludge Jellyfish, Garou attacked Jellyfish, allowing Metal Bat to be collected by an ambulance.


  • The battle hinted that Garou has a soft side for children, as he refused to continue after Zenko's arrival.
  • Garou deflected Metal Bat's Savage Tornado, but the effort somewhat harmed his hands; the only injury Garou took.
  • Metal Bat may have severely injured Garou had Zenko not intervened; Metal Bat may have been killed by Sludge Jellyfish had Garou not stricken the monster down.