Hero AssociationEdit

Bang Edit

His former teacher Bang taught Garou everything he knows about fighting. After Garou went on a rampage and attacked his fellow students, Bang kicked him out of his dojo. After he heard Garou started hero hunting, Bang recruited his brother, Bomb, and went out to stop Garou.

The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned manga-only readers.

Garou does not respect Bang as a person, but he admires Bang's martial arts, even copying a combined technique of Bang and Bomb as his own. Despite the villainous acts he has committed, Bang ultimately still cares for Garou. Garou recognizes Bang's lingering affection for his former student from how different his punches were when he was expelled. It is unknown what Garou now thinks of his former mentor after his defeat.

Saitama Edit

Saitama is looking for Garou to have a fun, exciting fight. Garou, despite not recognizing him in their encounters, is outraged on Saitama loose attitude with heroism when Garou dine and dashed and not attacking him for being a monster.

The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned manga-only readers.

Garou displays hatred toward Saitama during their fight, seeing Saitama as the collective unfairness of the world. Adding to that, Saitama was a hero, representing everything that Garou hated and was fighting against. Saitama is responsible for defeating Garou both physically and mentally, realizing that Garou wanted to be a hero instead of a villain. Saitama shows mercy towards Garou, refusing to kill him and acknowledging his flaws.

Metal Bat Edit

Garou encounters Metal Bat on his way to fight Watchdog Man. At first, Garou doesn't think highly of Metal Bat, but later admits that Metal Bat could defeat him with one clean hit if he landed a blow.


Tareo Edit

Tareo is a young boy Garou met during his hero hunt. Garou uses Tareo's Hero Association Catalog to help him in his fights. Garou inspires Tareo to become better. Garou is in turn inspired by Tareo when he said it's obvious to become strong so others won't mock or boss you around, reinforcing Garou's conviction to become stronger. Garou saves Tareo from Royal Ripper. It is safe to assume Tareo is Garou's only true friend. Tareo is the only person to see Garou as a hero despite his actions.

Zenko Edit

Zenko interferes between Metal Bat and Garou's fight. Zenko demands Garou and Bad to not fight in front of her because Bad promised her not to show her violence. Garou is initially against her outburst but finally decides to accept her proclamation. Similar to Tareo, Garou seems to have a level of care for Zenko because she's a child.

He stopps Sludge Jellyfish from attempting to kidnap Zenko. While his motivations in engaging the monster was because he was being observed and wanted to confront his observers, he only engages Sludge Jellyfish after he was about to kidnap Zenko. Further, despite how he was in a rush to find Watchdog Man, he stays behind to watch the monsters leave the area and away from the unconscious Metal Bat and Zenko.

Suiryu Edit

While they have never met, Suiryu has wanted to fight Garou since his victory in the Super Fight tournament.

Tacchan Edit

Tacchan is the very reason behind Garou's miserable outlook on life. Tacchan can be considered the driving force behind the Human Monster's idealism and persona. In his own words, Garou describes him as an asshole. Given as he would use his popularity to get away with bullying less popular kids, even getting the faculty to denounce those Tacchan bullied even when he was the one at fault.

In Garou's eyes, well-liked people like Tacchan represent what's wrong with society. Hateful, cowardly individuals who hide behind social status and abuse it without reprimand. Worse still is that other people put them on such a high pedestal despite their despicable personalities, prefering them over other, lesser people who aren't considered praiseworthy.

The bullying led to Garou's philosophy where all heroes are in it for themselves and as long as the majority favors the hero, then justice is what they decide. As Garou believes that, he has taken on the role of a monster to fight this biased justice. Ultimately, it has also led Garou to hold an image of an ideal hero of someone who can save everyone.