Gale Wind (疾風のウィンド, Hayate no uindo) is a ninja from Sonic's ninja village from 37th graduating class like Hellfire Flame. He and Hellfire Flame joined the Monster Association some time in the past to rule the world.


GAle 1

Gale in his monster form

Gale Wind is a tall young man with a muscular physique and long, wavy light-colored hair and has a marking under his right eye.

His attire consist of a tight fitting shirt, white hakama pants with black trimming, white sash and black arm warmers. Gale Wind also has metal bands around his biceps and neck.

When he transforms into a monster, his teeth become sharp, his skin gains black marking and his eyes began to twist like a lizard.


Gale Wind is shown to be quite sadistic, but playful and polite toward his opponent. He is a strong believer in the superiority of monster over human so he choose to join the Monster Association to rule the world.

Gale Wind is also very prideful and arrogant as when inviting Sonic to join the Monster Association, he stated that the fellow would make a good foot soldier in order to increase the chances of killing Flashy Flash which is probably because Sonic is from the 44th class of their ninja village that is known for as the end class.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame attack Speed-o'-Sound Sonic in a forest as a form of skinship and introduce themselves as Sonic's senior form their ninja village. After some discussing, Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame invite Sonic to join the Monster Association to further their goal to become rulers of the World. Gale Wind reveals their plan to attack the Hero Association, more specifically killing Flashy Flash and asks Sonic's help to distract the other heroes. When Sonic refuses, Gale Wind transforms into a monster and demonstrates his speed, shocking Sonic and explains the process of the transformation. They then offer a Monster Cell to Sonic and leave.[1]

He and Hellfire Flame are present at Gyoro Gyoro's speech. During Garou's presence in the Monster Association, Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind express their doubt about Garou's position as a potential executive member and replacement for Gouketsu and Elder Centipede. However, they immediately push aside that matter and focus on how to they can kill Flashy Flash. Furthermore, they also wonder why Sonic still not join them and assume that he is not compatible to the Monster Cell.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gale Wind comes from the same ninja village as Sonic and is a graduated ninja, so he is an immensely strong and skilled warrior. As Gale Wind graduated among the "Golden" 37th class of the village, he is shown to be more powerful than Sonic and thus could qualify for the rank of S-Class in the Hero Association if he didn't became a monster.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Speed and Reflexes: He is shown to have superhuman speed that surpasses most human characters, as he demonstrates his speed to Sonic, who couldn't even see him. In his human form, Gale Wind along with Hellfire Flame were able to surround and strike Sonic in an incredibly fast barrage and in his monster form move so fast that Sonic wasn't even able to register his movements.

Transformation: Gale Wind can change into his monster form and revert back to his human form freely. According to himself, he achieved this through ninjutsu training.

Fighting Style Edit

Master Ninja: As a graduate of the ninja village that Sonic hails from, Gale Wind is no doubt a skilled and powerful warrior in the art of ninjutsu. Since he is of the 37th class which is considered the "Golden Class" that consists of the best the village has ever produced, Gale Wind is perhaps among their greatest like Hellfire Flame.


  • In the webcomic, there is a monster named Gale with a partner named Hellfire who also tries to kill Flashy Flash. One said that he designed them based on characters from other series, to prevent copyrght problems they were changed.
  • He is among the few monsters of human origin who can access their human form, the others being his partner Hellfire Flame, Surprise-Attack Plum and Haragiri.


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