Relationships Edit

Saitama Edit

She strikes up an odd friendship with Saitama after her introduction, even being shown at his house with his other friends. Intrigued by how S-Class heroes have befriended him, she clearly wants to change herself and be a better person. She's persistent in her efforts to recruit Saitama, but resorts to persuasion or trickery.

After witnessing him defeat Garou and fights toe-to-toe with Tatsumaki, her obsession with him increases tremendously and she vows to make him join her Blizzard Group at any cost. She is also inspired to become A-Class.

Tatsumaki Edit

Fubuki's older sister and fellow esper. Fubuki highly respects Tatsumaki but believes she would be on top if not for her and Sweet Mask. Tatsumaki highly criticizes Fubuki for having followers and losing to Demonic Fan and Do-S but still saved her from both monsters. However, while Tatsumaki is too proud to admit it she genuinely loves her sister.

Sweet Mask Edit

Fubuki holds a certain level of respect and fear towards Sweet Mask's strength. Fubuki believes that she will never reach S-Class because of him. She describes him as a "monster", similar to her sister Tatsumaki.

Genos Edit

Like Tatsumaki, Genos' relationship with Fubuki is rather strained, although arguably not as bad as Tatsumaki. The two don't often communicate with each other, but they don't appear to have a friendly relationship. This is seen when Genos rejects and slightly berates Fubuki's attempts to have him join her group.

Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Edit

While the two have not interacted with each other, Fubuki has respect for Sonic's abilities, stating he is as strong as a S-Class hero.