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A New Wind BlowsEdit

During the fight against Demonic Fan, Fubuki and the Blizzard Group try to defeat the mysterious being but are easily beaten by it and are subsequently rescued by Fubuki's sister, Tatsumaki who takes her away after defeating the monster.[1]

Struggle of the Blizzard GroupEdit

The Blizzard Group is in need of a new car. Fubuki suggests that there are plenty of flyers nearby and if they, the Blizzard Group, work together they should be able to earn 5 million, enough to buy a new car. The Blizzard Group begins on their part time jobs for a week, Fubuki decides to hunt down criminals and monsters. By the end of the week, she earns 2 million. By the time they finally get a new ride the disaster alert goes off, the Blizzard group mobilizes to meet it, only to be caught in traffic. Another as of yet unnamed hero soon dispatches it, however, leaving Fubuki rather despondent.[2]


Fubuki once again attempts to convince Saitama to become a member of the Blizzard Group. When it's clear Eyelashes' arguments aren't working - Saitama is distracted with video games - Fubuki offers to have Saitama and his group (Genos, Bang, and King) go up against the Blizzard Group and whoever loses has to do whatever the winner says.

Fubuki then has Saitama and his friends play her group at fighting games, Bang losing due to not knowing how to play, Genos crushing the controller, and Saitama not being skilled enough. Eventually, it comes down to King who proceeds to defeat Fubuki's men in a thirty-game winning streak. Shocked, she follows Saitama and his group as they deal with a Demon-level threat several other Heroes were caught up in. When Child Emperor scans Fubuki and shows that her physical abilities are the same as an average person she sinks further into depression.

Saitama tells Fubuki she should stop being so concerned with rankings and power levels and letting her surroundings rule her. Remembering her sister saying the same thing, Fubuki comes back to her senses, and proceeds to annihilate a swarm of parasitic monsters with her psychic powers. She admits she lost to Saitama, but claims she still hasn't given up. Reminding her of the bargain of the bet, Saitama has her treat him and his friends to dinner. She then delays it when she counts calories.[3]


The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things HappeningEdit


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