Type Supportive Technique
User(s) Several fighters
Webcomic Debut Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Flight is the ability that several beings have that gives them the ability to fly through air.


The type of flight varies from being able to fly with wings, as seen with Melzalgald, or using one's inner energy to propel themselves into the air, as seen with Vaccine Man and Tatsumaki.

However, there are some warriors who can propel themselves up in the air and stay up there for long periods of time. The most prominent is Saitama, as he is able to say up in the air for seconds and possibly minutes at a time.

List of Known Users Edit

Name Affiliation Status
TatsumakiHero AssociationActive
Butterfly DXHero AssociationActive
Phoenix ManMonster AssociationActive
Vaccine ManMother EarthDeceased †
Mosquito GirlHouse of EvolutionDeceased †
Carnage KabutoHouse of EvolutionDeceased †
Sky KingSkyfolkDeceased †
KiteSkyfolkDeceased †
FalconSkyfolkDeceased †
HawkSkyfolkDeceased †
EagleSkyfolkDeceased †
MelzalgaldDark Matter ThievesDeceased †
The Three CrowsMonster AssociationDeceased †
Giant CrowNoneDeceased †
170,000-Year Magicicada AdultNoneDeceased †

Original WebcomicEdit

Webcomic notice The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.
Name Affiliation Status