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Fist Fight Djinn
Fist Fight Djinn
Race Mysterious Being
Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Level Demon
Affiliation Monster Association
Manga Debut Chapter 60

Fist Fight Djinn (拳闘魔人, Kentō Majin) was a Mysterious Being who attacked Smile Man out of the blue.


Fist Fight Djinn is a very muscular, four-armed humanoid boxer with spiky hair.


Fist Fight Djinn is very prideful and eager to put his strength to the test.


Fist Fight Djiinn was once a human who used to love fighting. However, tournaments never seemed to quench his thirst for battle, so his urge for power has turned him into a mysterious being.[1]

Plot Edit

Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Fist Fight Djinn appeared out of nowhere and attacked Smile Man. He overpowered the hero, but was shortly after defeated viciously by Bang.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Given the fact he was a repeat martial arts champion and a Demon level threat implies he was quite the powerful monster.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: He was able to force back Smile Man with one punch, nearly being able to knock him out.[3]

Fighting StyleEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: He is a formidable close quarters combatant as he easily had the upper hand against an A-Class hero, Smile Man.


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