The Dominator of the Universe
Episode 11
Episode 11, Season 1
Kanji 全宇宙の覇者
Rōmaji Zen uchū no hasha
Japan Air Date December 13, 2015
English Air Date October 1, 2016
Chapters 32, (page 55-69) 33, 34 (page 1-30)
Opening The Hero!!
Ending Hoshi yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru
Episode Credits
Director Nobuhiro Mutô
Screenplay Satoshihiro Suzuki
Storyboard Katsunori Shibata, Ushijima Shinichiro
Animation Director KimuyoShun
Episode 10
"Dominator of the Whole Universe" is the eleventh episode of the One-Punch Man anime series.


Geryuganshoop complains about Groribas' defeat as he and Melzargard are the only elite fighters left on the ship. Boros walks in and Geryuganshoop informs Boros that the ship is badly damaged by the human intruder but Boros tells him not to fear as the sphere keeping them safe won't allow that to happen.

S-Class Heroes vs. Melzargard

The heroes fight Melzargard

Meanwhile, below the ship, Puri-Puri-Prisoner's efforts were futile as Melzargard simply regenerates back into his form. Iaian tells the other heroes that it is pointless to keep trying. Melzargard tells his other head to go and contact the ship for a bombardment. As the head flies away, Metal Bat smacks him down. Melzargard and Geryuganshoop telepathically tell each other that both sides are dealing with big trouble as Saitama reaches another door. Atomic Samurai, Puri-Puri-Prisoner and Bang join forces and attack Melzargard together as Iaian tells them once more that direct hits have no effect on it. He tells them to retreat and think of a better way to handle the situation. Atomic Samurai, Puri-Puri-Prisoner, Bang and Metal Bat keeps attacking Melzargard telling Iai it is the only thing they know. Melzargard and Geryuganshoop again speak telepathically saying the life forms below are persistently attacking him and requested for a cleansing bombardment. Geryuganshoop is too busy but notifies the artillery crew. Geryuganshoop leaves the conversation and while Melzargard was distracted, Metal Bat finds a marble within Melzargard before he could regenerate thus destroying the marble and part of Melzargard for good. Geryuganshoop tries to lead Saitama out of the ship and Saitama went the opposite direction to find the controls room. He finally finds Geryuganshoop who has incredible telepathic powers that can manipulate everything and anything but in the end Saitama throws a pebble at him that destroys Geryuganshoop. After busting the other heads, the four heroes look up with shell bombardment ready to attack.


Boros vs. Saitama fight begins

After it shoots, Tatsumaki appears and stops the bullets in mid air, cursing the other four heroes fighting Melzargard. She then turns the bullets and forces them back onto the ship full force. Mumen Rider helps evacuate a victim to safety, when Stinger and Lightning Max appear wanting to help too. Bang on the other hand finds another marble and crushes it. Angry, Melzargard slaps the concrete along with Bang, who takes a direct hit. He sticks on a building, unconscious. With one more head left, Melzargard threatens to crush Atomic Samurai's head and he retaliates after seeing his comrade in that condition. Saitama finds Boros who scans him for power, saying Saitama is Earth's strongest warrior with limitless energy. Boros treats Saitama with respect and tells him his name and the prophecy that brought the Dominator of the Universe to Earth. Saitama punches Boros after being annoyed with what he heard, telling him he can't attack other planets just to liven up his boring life. Boros' armor used to seal in his immense power breaks apart and his true form emerges.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • The news broadcast scene is anime original.
  • In the anime, Melzargard said he had been growing the first head that died for 100 years. In the manga, he just said that he had it for 10 years.
  • In the manga, Saitama broke into Boros' throne room where Geryuganshoop was present. In the anime, he busted into the control room and killed Geryuganshoop then moved on to the throne room.
  • Geryuganshoop's gravity attack is anime original.
  • Child Emperor warning the Hero Association about rising energy in the ship and Mumen Rider looking for survivors is anime original.
  • Stinger and Lightning Max were not in this arc in the manga.
  • Bang landed on a piece of building before Melzargard hit him in the anime. In the manga, Bang was hit while he was still in the air.
  • Boros' armor in the anime shattered, while in the manga it crumbled off.


  • Boros gives the episode monolog at the end of the credits.