Electricity Generation
Volten Monster Form
Type Assaultive Tecnique
User(s) Volten
Lightning Genji
Maiko Plasma
Electric Catfish Man
Manga Debut Chapter 72

Electricity Generation is the ability to generate electricity from the users body.

Overview Edit

It is rather rare for a person to gain this ability. Volten attained this ability through getting struck by lightning as a child, which was amplified by the consumption of a monster cell. The monsters, Maiko Plasma and Electric Catfish Man, also have this ability. Though his electrified batons, Lightning Genji can manipulate electricity as well.

List of Known Users Edit

Name Affiliation Status
Lightning Genji (Through lightning rods)Hero AssociationActive
Maiko PlasmaMonster AssociationActive
Electric Catfish ManMonster AssociationActive
VoltenMonster AssociationUnknown