Doki Doki Sisters
Doki Doki Sisters
Type Video Game
Owner(s) King
Manga Debut Chapter 37

Doki Doki Sisters (どきどき シスターズ, Dokidoki shisutāzu) is a dating sim game.


Doki Doki Sisters was bought by King at a TV-game retail store in M-City.[1] It accompanied him to a public bathroom stall where it laid on the floor for a bit.[2] Later, at King's apartment he managed to start the game and experience the character creation sequence before being interrupted by Saitama. Overcome by embarrassment for playing the game, King promptly shuts the TV off and claims to have mistaken the game for another one.[3]


The girls seen in the game has petite, almost child like bodies. Some were wearing bikinis. The main girl on the cover has conspicuously large pigtails.


  • The game can be bought for 5800 yen.
  • It was noted by King that the voice actress for the main girl sounded boring, but he enjoyed the introduction song.
  • The main girl refers to the player as "Onii-Chan" (big brother).
  • A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure version of this game can be played in the One-Punch Man databook.


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