Destrochloridium (デストロクロリディウム, Desutorokuroridiumu) was a Tiger-level parasite Mysterious Being who has the ability control human by infiltrating their brain and making them as its host.


Destrochloridium is small monster with spotted skin, large eye and lips. The monster has two antennas in its head. both his hand are round with no finger and can transform into drills.


Destrochloridium is a sadistic monster who likes to kill human for fun as he controls a Hero Association staff member to shoot a pistol at one of the member of Hero Association committee. It is also to have great desire to steal S-Class heroes body to increase its own power tremendously.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Destrochloridium death

Destrochloridium is crushed by Superalloy Darkshine

Destrochloridium first appear when he controls a Hero Association staff to deliver the message from Gyoro Gyoro to the Hero Association. During the negotiation, he deliberately shoots a member of the committee with a pistol and sadistically saying that he slips his hand.[1]

After Gyoro Gyoro finishes the demand to the Hero Association to gather all top class heroes to rescue the hostages in the Monster Association Headquarters, he begins to consider slaughter the committee with the host body only for Superalloy Darkshine to throw his host body into the wall. He then escape the host body and tries to take over Darkshine's body only to see his drill attack to be useless against Darkshine's impenetrable body. He is then killed by Darkshine after Darkshine squishes him like a bug into pieces.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Destrochloridium power

A staff member of the Hero Association being controlled by Destrochloridium

Parasitic Control: Destrochloridium can infiltrate human's brain and control them as its host. It is shown that the controlled human often has Destrochloridium's antenna piercing through the head.[3]

Drill Hand: Destrochloridium can use his drill hands to attack an opponent as well as the mean to infiltrate human's body to control them. The parasite notes that its drills are as tough as steel.[4]


  • "Destrochloridium" is a play on Destroy and Leucochloridium, which is a type of parasitic worm.


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