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Dark Matter Thieves



Alien ship

Leader Lord Boros
Headquarters Giant Spaceship

The Dark Matter Thieves (暗黒盗賊団ダークマター, Ankokutōzokudan Dākumatā) are a group of alien invaders led by the powerful Lord Boros that attacked various planets to find valid opponents.


The Dark Matter Thieves headquarters is a giant spaceship, so big that it can obscure even A-City. It's heavily armed with cannons able to shoot enormous destructive bullets and is able to fly thanks to a Power Core, the destruction of which makes the spaceship fall almost immediately.


S-Class Hero ArcEdit

Known MembersEdit

Name Position Status
Lord BorosLeaderDeceased †
GeryuganshoopMemberDeceased †
MelzalgaldMemberDeceased †
GroribasMemberDeceased †


  • According to Genos' notes, the size of the Dark Matter Thieves' ship is 9,230m x 15,024m.[1]


  1. One-Punch Man Anime; Episode 12

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