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Council of Swordmasters
Council of Swordmasters HQ
Headquarters G-City

The Council of Swordmasters (剣聖会, Ken hijirikai) are a group of the most renowned master swordsmen, that come together in time of need.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

The members of the council were called by Atomic Samurai in effort defeat the "Hero Hunter" Garou. The motive behind the meeting is the fact that Atomic Samurai worries that, despite Bang's strength he might not be able to defeat his own student, that's why Atomic Samurai wants to find and kill Garou before Bang. The council agree to Atomic Samurai's plea for which he is grateful, but Haragiri reviles his plea and status as a hero. Haragiri shows the Monster Cells he has received from the Monster Association. He tells thes he had already injected some in his body and transforms into a Mysterious Being. As he orders the others to eat the cells, he was killed by Atomic Samurai.[1]


Name Position Status
HaragiriMemberDeceased †


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