Child Emperor and Pig God vs. Eyesight
Location Y-City
Outcome Child Emperor and Pig God are victorious.
Heroes Monster Eyesight
Child Emperor

Pig God

  • Inhuman Digestion
  • Poison
  • Transformation
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Child Emperor is uninjured, but his Underdog Man No. 22 is destroyed.

Pig God is uninjured.

Eyesight is killed.

Child Emperor and Pig God vs. Eyesight is the battle between the S-Class heroes Child Emperor and Pig God against the Demon level monster Eyesight.


During the Monster Association's invasion Eyesight attacks Y-City and manages to defeat several heroes.


A mysterious hero named Underdog Man appears and challenges Eyesight to a fight. After being bitten several times, Underdog Man is unaffected and is revealed to be a robot controlled by Child Emperor. After Child Emperor has finished analysing Eyesight's poison, he sends the data to the Hero Association, and then makes Underdog Man No. 22 self-destruct while making sure Eyesight is within the blast radius. However, the attack had no effect as Eyesight hardened her skin. Eyesight then discovers Child Emperor and prepares to attack him but stops when Pig God shows up. Pig God is attacked and poisoned but remains unaffected. He then proceeds to eat Eyesight, killing her and ending their fight.