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Child Emperor and Pig God vs. Eyesight
Location Y-City
Outcome Eyesight is eaten by Pig God.
Child Emperor
Pig God
Child Emperor

Pig God

  • Inhuman Digestion
  • Poison
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Underdog Man is destroyed.

Pig God is bitten.

Eyesight is eaten.

Child Emperor and Pig God vs. Eyesight is the battle between the S-Class heroes Child Emperor and Pig God against the Demon level monster Eyesight.


During the Monster Association's invasion Eyesight attacks Y-City paralyzing several heroes including Ecolo G.


A mysterious hero named Underdog Man appears and challenges Eyesight to a fight. After being bitten several times, Underdog Man is unaffected and is revealed to be a robot controlled by Child Emperor. Eyesight prepares to attack Child Emperor but is stopped when Pig God shows up.


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