Child Emperor (童帝, Dōtei) is the S-Class Rank 5 professional hero for the Hero Association. So far, he is the youngest hero in the Hero Association. He has his own laboratory in Y-City.


Child Emperor is a young boy with short brown hair and large amber eyes. He wears a light blue buttoned up collared shirt with dark blue shorts. He wears orange sneakers along with a black school bag on his back. He is often seen snacking on a lollipop.


Despite his young age, Child Emperor is a genius, having a very analytical mind, and is capable of observing the situation and formulating plans in a calm and collected manner. Child Emperor strongly believes in education. When he was summoned to an S-Class meeting, he still mentions his cram school. Despite his genius intellect, he doesn't like being called childish and gets easily annoyed when he is.  He is shown to possess some bias as he doesn't trust Genos because of the fact that he is a newcomer and lives with Saitama in Z-city, which also the place, the Monster Association is located as he suspects Genos as turncoat in the Association.

Child Emperor also has a caring side. He prioritizes creating an antidote for his fellow heroes who have been poisoned, instead of defeating Eyesight. He also displayed concern for Pig God's well-being when he devoured the venomous monster.

After the defeat of Garou, he began to mistrust adults after being disappointed in their inability to properly deal with the Human Monster.

Relationships Edit

Bofoi Edit

Bofoi and Child Emperor are two of the only heroes whose intelligence and reliance on their own technology are their strength, nor do they possess any superhuman attributes or abilities (disregarding Child Emperor's above average human abilities).

Child Emperor appears to be one of the few heroes that Bofoi frequently keeps in contact with, as he has displayed multiple moments of temper tantrums that Child Emperor is used to dealing with. Beyond that however, their relationship appears to be a professional one rather than an intimate one.

Child Emperor and Bofoi have contrasting mindsets due to their differing personalities. Child Emperor has a caring side that makes him think of the well being of others in a given situation, while Bofoi focuses on a more cold and calculating method in order to achieve better results without excessive consequences. This creates a conflict between the two when proposing strategies in a given situation.

Child Emperor seems to hold some level of respect for Bofoi. Upon hearing of him not partaking in the rescue and ambush of the Monster Association, Child Emperor was shocked and attempted to make Bofoi reconsider, though he would find some of Bofoi's methods to be more excessive than it has to be. Bofoi seems to hold Child Emperor to some level of regard, as he expected Child Emperor to analyze the situation better than he did and lectured him about his failings and potential of the Monster Association threat.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Being a high ranked S-Class hero, it can be assumed that Child Emperor is very powerful. However, due to his age and usage of machinery, it's possible that his high rank in the S-Class is mostly due to his brain power like Metal Knight, instead of his physical strength.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Child Emperor Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider Charges at Child Emperor

Enhanced Strength: Despite his age and size, Child Emperor is physically stronger than a bear and even some elite A-Class heroes.[2]

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: He possesses great reflexes, as he was able to block an attack from Jumping Spider with his backpack, which was something two A-Class heroes were unable to do.[2]

Fighting StyleEdit

Utility Expert: When Child Emperor goes into battle, he usually employs the use of the robotic legs extending from his backpack and other tools, but was never shown actually engaging in a fight with them.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: When not using his various tools and gadgets, Child Emperor engages in close-quarters combat.

  • Soccer Dribble (サッカードリブル, Sakkā Doriburu): Child Emperor kicks his enemy's head multiple times, capable of causing a concussion.[3]

Miscellaneous AbilitiesEdit

Genius Intellect: Child Emperor was called a kid genius by Sitch. He possesses an extreme intellect, far above that of average adult humans.

  • Expert Scientist and Inventor: He can create advanced technology, one of which is a four-legged contraption that sprouts from his backpack. He is also able to create an effective antidote against a specific poison in a short amount of time by simply analyzing it.[4]
  • Expert Strategist and Tactician: Child Emperor has an analytical mind, allowing him to plan ahead to ensure victory on the battlefield. He also searches for possible weaknesses of his enemies.


Child Emperor's Backpack

Child Emperor's backpack with spider-like limbs.

Backpack: Child Emperor wears a large black backpack that looks like a regular school bag. The backpack contains large spider-like limbs that Child Emperor can use for transportation and combat. It is also strong enough to defend against a demon-level opponent's attack.

Utility Tools: Child Emperor's backpack contains several fighting tools including a chainsaw, a shredder, a boxing glove, a knife, a machete, and a blow torch. He first uses these tools to shred Phoenix Man to pieces.

Okame-Chan: A mask-shaped device capable of determining the physical strength of an individual. It scans the muscle mass and development of nerves, balancing it out with the weight of the scanned individual.

Underdog Man No. 22: A robot Child Emperor uses to fight for him. It appears as a dog-like humanoid robot and is remotely controlled by him. It was destroyed during his fight against Eyesight.

Hero RatingEdit

Child Emperor's rating determined by the Hero Association[1]:

Ability Type Stamina Intelligence Justice Endurance Power Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability Total

Quotes Edit

(to Sitch) "Is this a joke? That's just silly. I have cram school, so can I leave now?"[5]

"Silver Fang, Metal Bat, Atomic Samurai and Puri-Puri-Prisoner can take care of the enemy on the ground. The problem is the huge weapon in the sky."[6]


  • Child Emperor is ranked 17th in the character popularity poll.
  • In Japanese, Child Emperor's hero title is homophonous with "virgin".


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