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Child Emperor (童帝, Dōtei) is the S-Class Rank 5 professional hero for the Hero Association. So far, he is the youngest hero in the Hero Association. He has his own laboratory in Y-City.


Child Emperor is a young boy with short brown hair and large amber eyes. He wears a light blue buttoned up collared shirt with dark blue short and orange sneakers along with a black school bag on his back.


Despite his young age, Child Emperor is a genius, having a very analytical mind, observing the situation and formulating plans in a calm and collected manner. Child Emperor strongly believes in education, when he was summoned to an S-Class meeting he still mentions his cram school. Despite his genius, he doesn't like being called childish and gets easily annoyed when he does.

Child Emperor also has a caring side. He prioritizes creating an antidote for his fellow heroes who had been poisoned instead of defeating Eyesight. He also displayed concern for Pig God's well-being when he devoured the venomous monster.

After the defeat of Garou, he began to mistrust adults after being disappointed in his inability to stop Garou.


The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned manga-only readers.

Sometime prior to the original storyline, Child Emperor worked as Metal Knight's assistant. He also fought and defeated all of Disciples of Atomic Samurai.[2]


Hero Association SagaEdit

Alien Conquerors ArcEdit


Child Emperor anger by Sitch's statement

Child Emperor is first seen during the S-Class heroes meeting and was slightly upset that he couldn't meet Blast, who hasn't attended.[3] During the meeting, Sitch explained the prophecy Shibabawa made before her death, but Child Emperor didn't believe it so tried to leave. He was in return mocked by Sitch, stating that Child Emperor is nothing more than a child if he does not comprehend the danger of this matter, which angered him.[4]


Child Emperor noticing the ship energy

After the Dark Matter Thieves attack A-City, Child Emperor suggests that the Hero Association should confirm who the enemies are and whether they are what the prophecy was referring to.[5] He later goes to the roof of the Hero Association Headquarters with Genos, Superalloy Darkshine, Tatsumaki, and King. He immediately starts thinking about ways to take care of the spaceship, while Bang, Metal Bat, Atomic Samurai, and Puri-Puri-Prisoner take care of Melzalgald.[6] [7] While using his laptop, Child Emperor warns the Hero Association staff about the about rising energy in the ship.[8] Afterwards, Child Emperor appears beside Genos and Drive Knight, with the latter informing his leave.[9][10]

Human Monster SagaEdit

Super Fight ArcEdit

Child Emperor uses Underdog Man No. 22 to analyze Eyesight's poisons to find a cure for the paralysis. Child Emperor then proceeds to detonate Underdog Man No. 22, but that did not successfully kill Eyesight as she hardened her skin. Eyesight then manages to find Child Emperor, but is interrupted and eaten by Pig God. Pig God decides to go after the other monsters in Y-City afterwards.[11]

Original WebcomicEdit

Webcomic notice The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.

Upon the request from Sitch, he tracks down the Monster Association's base in Z City and mentions they could be holding a child hostage. He accompanies the other S-Class heroes against the Monster Association. He plans out how to defeat the Monster Association, particularly Black Sperm with King after Tatsumaki is defeated. Child Emperor gets punched in the gut by Garou.[2]

Unnamed SagaEdit

Fall of Hero Associations ArcEdit

By the time the Hero Association is about to fall soon enough, Child Emperor becomes delusional over adults, such as his idol, Blast and his mentor, Bofoi, are not coming to help Child Emperor and their fellow heroes during the Monster Association incident on their final battle against Garou. Thus, determined to be strong without needing help from them or anyone.[2]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit



Child Emperor and other heroes tried to stop Jumping Spider together, but were easily blown away by the creature because of a misunderstanding of the monster's real capability. Jumping Spider is later defeated by Saitama, but King was given the credit. He measured the heroes' rating while they were there. Bang refused, Genos was not able to be measured due to his robotic parts, Fubuki got a low rating, and both Saitama and King got an undefined rating. The Okame-Chan had its limits for being too weak or strong. Child Emperor called King the strong one and Saitama a lazy person.[12]


The Murder Case That Is Too ImpossibleEdit

Zombieman and Dotei

Child Emperor talking with Zombieman

Child Emperor and other S-Class heroes were invited to a hot spring resort, after the Dark Matter Thieves failed invasion. After the hot spring, Sitch gathers all the heroes into a celebration of the victory against the invasion. Some heroes became drunk after drinking the sake and disgusted Child Emperor. He made small talk with Zombieman whether or not he's enjoying himself. The next day after the ceremony, the heroes find Zombieman murdered, stabbed in the back by Atomic Samurai's katana.

Dotei and Sitch see footage

Child Emperor seeing the surveillance footage

Child Emperor states that one of the S-Class hero is the culprit. As he investigates the murder, he gathers evidence and information from the heroes and tries to eliminate one and another to find out the truth. He interrogates all, including Saitama and finally King, but was scared off by his King Engine. While the investigation wasn't progressing, Tatsumaki tried to restrain everyone, until Zombieman suddenly woke up. Zombieman later revealed that Atomic Samurai's katana was floating with green light surrounding it similar to Tatsumaki, when it stabbed him. Child Emperor questions Tatsumaki, but she angrily denies it. Zombieman didn't care what happened the night prior and the heroes disbanded and the case was dropped. Later Child Emperor was called by Sitch to look at the surveillance camera footage of last night. It was shown that Tatsumaki did in fact stab Zombieman, while heavily drunk.[13]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Being a high ranked S-Class hero, it can be assumed that Child Emperor is very powerful.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Child Emperor Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider Charges at Child Emperor

Enhanced Strength: Despite his age and size, he is even physically stronger than a bear and some elite A-Class heroes.[12]

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: He possesses great reflexes, as he was able to block an attack from Jumping Spider with his backpack, which was something two A-Class heroes were unable to do.[12]

Fighting StyleEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: When not using his various tools and gadgets, Child Emperor engages in close-quarters combat.

  • Soccer Dribble (サッカードリブル, Sakkā Doriburu): Child Emperor kicks his enemy's head multiple times, capable of causing a concussion.[2]

Miscellaneous AbilitiesEdit

Genius Intellect: Child Emperor was called a child genius by Sitch. He possesses an extreme intellect, far above that of average adult humans. He can create advanced technology, one of which is a four-legged contraption that sprouts from his backpack. He is also able to create an effective antidote against a specific poison in a short amount of time by simply analyzing it.[14]

Strategist and Tactician: Child Emperor has an analytical mind, allowing him to plan ahead to ensure victory on the battlefield. He also searches for possible weaknesses of his enemies.


Child Emperor's Backpack

Child Emperor's backpack with spider-like limbs.

Backpack: Child Emperor carries a large black backpack that looks like a regular school bag. The backpack contains large spider-like limbs that Child Emperor can use for transportation and combat. It is also strong enough to take a demon level opponent attack.

Okame-Chan: A mask-shaped device capable of determining the physical strength of an individual. It scans the muscle mass and development of nerves, balancing it out with the weight of the scanned individual.

Underdog Man No. 22: A robot Child Emperor uses to fight for him. It appears as a dog-like humanoid robot and is remotely controlled by him. It was destroyed during his fight against Eyesight.

Hero RatingEdit

Child Emperor's rating determined by the Hero Association[1]:

Ability Type Strength Intelligence Justice Endurance Speed Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability

Quotes Edit

(to Sitch) "Is this a joke? That's just silly. I have cram school, so can I leave now?"[15]

"Silver Fang, Metal Bat, Atomic Samurai and Puri-Puri-Prisoner can take care of the enemy on the ground. The problem is the huge weapon in the sky."[16]


  • Child Emperor is ranked 17th in the character popularity poll.
  • In Japanese, Child Emperor's hero title is homophonous with "virgin".


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