"Those Who Move In The Dark" (暗躍する者たち, An'yaku suru Mono-tachi) is the 78th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


While Speed-o'-Sound Sonic is training in the forest he is attacked by two unknown assailants. They are revealed to be Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame, two upperclassmen from Sonic's ninja village. Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame ask Sonic to join the Monster Association and to kill Flashy Flash. Sonic initially refuses, but Gale Wind demonstrates his speed after his transforms into his monster form. Sonic was surprised by their speed and accepted their offer and took the Monster Cell wanting give up his humanity to surpass Saitama.

At the Hero Association, the staff were discussing the monster attack and their disappearance, but noticed Marshall Gorilla still wandered the streets of W-City, since the monster was not pleased with his monster threat. Some heroes were sent to defeat Marshall Gorilla, but Zombieman offered to go instead. Zombieman followed the monster to gather information about the organization, but the monster noticed someone walking down the street. Marshall Gorilla meets Armored Gorilla and was shocked to figure out that Armored Gorilla "sided" with the humans. Marshall Gorilla attacks him with his knife, but Armored Gorilla was unharmed and punched the attacker. Zombieman watching this altercation, decided to follow Armored Gorilla instead.

Bang and Bomb talk about Garou. Bang mentions that if Garou gets killed by a hero, it should be him. Sonic cooks and eats the Monster Cell and gets a stomach ache.

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