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[ Being Strong Is Fun ]

Chapter 70

Chapter 70 v2

Chapter 70 2

Chapter 70, Volume 13
Title Being Strong Is Fun
Pages Online release: 22+31
Volume release:
Release date December 22, 2016
Webcomic None

"Being Strong Is Fun" (強いは楽しい, Tsuyoi wa Tanoshī) is the 70th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Part 1Edit

Suiryu and Saitama size each other up while the announcer and audience have no idea what's really going on, and several of the defeated fighters wonder what's really going on.

Part 2Edit

Suiryu take the fight more seriously using strong kicks to push Saitama to the edge of the arena and kicking him in the air then back down and landing on Saitama's face, shocking the spectators. Saitama comes out completely unharmed, trying to keep his wig on. As they fight Sneck and Max come and point out Suiryu's fighting style, using only leg techniques and hiding his true strength. As they fight, Suiryu proclaims he will only use kicks to make the fight more exciting and dares Saitama to punch him, only for Saitama to back away. Suiryu analyzes him and asks him about his everyday routine. When Saitama lets it slip he fights monsters, Suiryu quickly blow off his claim on being a hero, stating there is no such thing as good heroes.

Meanwhile the Tank Topper Army fight the monsters that invaded the hospital and Mumen Rider is struggling against Gyoffrey as he tries to protect the patients, but was saved by Tanktop Master.

At the Super Fight tournament Suiryu bashed on heroes and the industry and kicks Saitama on the head, blowing off his wig. Saitama answers back, telling Suiryu not to get any stronger if he wants to have fun before throwing a punch, stopping before Suiryu's face, and tearing his shirt in the process.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


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