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[ Games and Combat ]

Chapter 63

Chapter 63 2

Chapter 63, Volume 12
Title Games and Combat
Pages Online release: 14+24
Volume release:
Release date June 3, 2016
Webcomic None

"Games and Combat" (試合と戦闘, Shiai to Sentō) is the 63rd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Part 1Edit

Sneck rather easily defeats Benpatsu. Meanwhile, Genos defeats several monsters throughout C-City. Genos contacts the C-Branch of the Hero Association. The Hero Association staff inform Genos of seven monsters that have appeared in C-City and their locations. During the match between Volten and Bazuzu, Volten easily wins.

Part 2Edit

Genos continues to take out the monsters as the tournament continues. During the tournament, Gatlin beats Hamukichi, Dave beats Rosie, Choze beats Mentai, and Sour Face beats Jakumen. Genos eventually encounters Face Ripper before the monster is able to kill a civilian. Face Ripper manages to chip away parts of Genos's arm, but Genos ultimately catches the monster off guard and is able to land a fatal blow. Genos contacts the Hero Association for the location of the final monster in C-City; this leads him to an alley. He finds Awakened Cockroach and several beaten heroes there. Meanwhile, Saitama prepares to fight Bakuzan.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


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