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[ Hero Hunt ]
Chapter 45 Cover
Chapter 45, Volume 9
Title Hero Hunt
Release date April 30, 2015
Hero Name

"Hero Hunt" (ヒーロー狩り, Hiro Kari) is the 45th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.

Summary Edit

Bang beats down Charanko, expelling him from the dojo. As Charanko tells Saitama and Co., Genos then tells Charanko that Bang has probably expelled him to protect him from Garou, who he is after.

Meanwhile, somewhere along a road. Garou confronts Mumen Rider, who he came to hunt, when he is found by the Tank Topper Army. As he is about to attack them all, he is stopped by none other than Tanktop Master, who tackles him, but Garou still stands, causing Tanktop Master to feel uneasy.

At a dojo, Bang prepares with his brother to take on Garou.

Omake: Saitama notices Genos' new parts.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

  1. Bang
  2. Charanko
  3. Genos
  4. Fubuki
  5. Saitama
  6. King
  7. Garou
  8. Mumen Rider
  9. Tanktop Vegetarian
  10. Tanktop Racer
  11. Tanktop Hatter
  12. Tanktop Al Dente
  13. Tanktop Rockabilly
  14. Tanktop Swimmer
  15. Tanktop Master
  16. Bomb


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