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[ Don't Look Down On It! ]
Chapter 42 Cover
Chapter 42, Volume 9
Title Don't Look Down On It!
Viz Media Title Don't Dis Heroes!
Pages Online release: 26
Volume release: 26
Release date January 22, 2015
Webcomic Chapter 48

"Don't Look Down On It!" (なめんな!, Namen Na!) is the 42nd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


After Saitama defeated her subordinates, Fubuki uses her psychic powers, but Saitama is not surprised by her abilities. She uses a technique called Hell Storm, which leaves her opponents bone cracked and flesh ripped apart, but Saitama managed to get behind her and patronized her on being a hero. Fubuki was angered by his statement and use a barrage of different techniques, all of which were ineffective against Saitama. She tearfully attacks Saitama with a box cutter but was caught up in Genos' and Sonic's attack. She managed to evade the attack, only because Saitama came in between the explosion. She meets Genos and was surprised at the fact he was Saitama's disciple. Sonic threw an Exploding Shuriken at Genos, but the attack was ineffective.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Fubuki (Cover)
  2. Saitama (Cover)
  3. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic
  4. Genos


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