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[ Blizzard Group ]
Fubuki chapter cover
Chapter 41, Volume 9
Title Blizzard Group
Viz Media Title The Blizzard Bunch
Pages Online release: 18
Volume release: 21
Release date January 5, 2015
Webcomic Chapter 47

"Blizzard Group" (フブキ組, Fubuki-Gumi) is the 41st chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Three Figures enter the isolated area in Z-City. They are revealed to be the three top three ranked B-Class heroes Fubuki, Eyelashes and Mountain Ape respectively, who are moving toward their "target."

Meanwhile at Saitama's house, Genos reveals that the two have been promoted to B-Class Rank 7 (Saitama) and S-Class Rank 14 (Genos), and although Saitama neglected to report his work, it was still reported by eyewitnesses, which causes Genos to believe his master is finally being recognized. Genos senses an object coming in at an abnormal speed and rushes outside, trying not to disturb Saitama. The object is revealed to be Speed-o'-Sound Sonic who recognizes Genos from their previous meeting. Sonic then claims he came to battle Saitama as his rival, which angers Genos, causing both to prompt each other into a fight. At the same time Saitama overwrites a save data on King's handheld gaming console which he took from King's apartment.

20 minutes later, the three B-Class hero are outside Saitama's door, with Eyelashes yelling at him to come out. Blizzard of Hell introduces herself to Saitama, but Saitama is not impressed. She then tells him of of the factions in the Hero Association and threatens him to work under her. Saitama refuses, which causes both Eyelashes and Mountain Ape to attack him, but the two are then swiftly defeated.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Fubuki (Cover)
  2. Mountain Ape
  3. Eyelashes
  4. Genos
  5. Saitama
  6. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic


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