Busaiku (ブサイク, Busaiku) is a child that Garou occasionally talks to.


Busaiku is a young boy with dark hair in a bowl cut with an apparent bald spot, a unibrow and large lips. He wears a normal white T-shirt and black shorts.


Busaiku is a kind boy who loves heroes and afraid of monsters. He is also slightly naive, talking to Garou not knowing he is a hero hunter and provides him the information from his hero guide book.


Busaiku and his dog were saved by Saitama from a speeding car. Later, Saitama lectured him on road safety as passersby marveled at Saitama's amazing feat.[1]


Human Monster SagaEdit

Hero Hunt ArcEdit


The destined meeting

Busaiku first meets Garou after Garou just beat up three C-Class heroes.[2] Garou asks Busaiku for the hero catalog, but Busaiku refuses. Garou's interest furthers once he learned that the catalog contained information about monsters as well. Garou ends up reading through the catalog to find out Golden Ball's location.[3]

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Busaiku is later seen talking with Garou again. Garou asks him the whereabouts of the S-Class hero Watchdog Man, with the intention of fighting him. However, their conversation is interrupted by an alert about the fight between two demon level monsters and Metal Bat. Garou then tells the Busaiku to run.[4] Busaiku is later at home, when he heard the news that Lightning Genji was defeated by the monsters and was frightened by the monster reports.[5]


  • "Busaiku," literally meaning "non-craftsmanship", refers to the ugliness of a facial figure. In the webcomic, he wears a shirt that reads "THE BUSAIKU."


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