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Bug God (蟲神, Mushigami) is a Mysterious Being of the Monster Association.


Like his name would suggest Bug God resembles a giant bug man with many arms. He has six eyes and two antennae.


Bug God seemed very confident in his abilities to fight Superalloy Darkshine. He believed that he would be able to defeat Superalloy Darkshine because of his strength.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association Arc Edit

Bug God came and saved Garou from Bang and Bomb. When Garou regained consciousness and visited the Monster Association hideout, Bug God tells Garou that killing hundred humans without hesitation would make him an outstanding monster.

It is later seen fighting Garou along with Royal Ripper and Senior Centipede but is defeated.

It is again seen fighting Superalloy Darkshine but is quickly defeated due Darkshine's immense strength and his durability.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a Demon level monster from the Monster Association, Bug God was a very powerful being.

Immense Strength: He was able to save Garou from Bang and Bomb and leave them injured. His punches were also strong enough to create a cloud of smoke from punching Darkshine so much that he thought he had defeated him.