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Big ConstructionEdit

After the fallout left behind by the collapse of Boros' and his invaders' ship over A-City. Bofoi sends a giant robot sanitation squad, commandeering multiple drones to rebuild A-City into the Hero Association's new HQ, taking only seven days to do so from the estimated ten years. An altercation occurred between his Metal Knight mechanic droids and Tanktop Master after they were dispatched to pick up the mess bit by bit due to a misunderstanding, not that the latter was any match for them regardless.[1]

Squadron Edit

While testing and experimenting some of the many different types of Monsters in his inventory, Dr. Bofoi had lent one of his weaker subjects to a district director from the Hero Association's Z-City branch named Guiches. As the subject escaped from confinement it heard that mistakes were made by said coordinator when he tried to profit from it. however, after Bofoi stated that he would eliminate Guiches from the hero association, which shows that he is given special treatment.

Bofoi sent out a call that the cage he designed that could contain Demon Level mysterious beings, had been broken by Scaledon. yet due to environmental and dietary changes the monster might grow or change in inexplicable ways. In light of recent events where the threat had been dealt with by the group of heroes assembled, Metal Knight, who remained in the shadows, had the Z-City director canned until time passed and he could reinstate him.

He goes on to say that trading monsters in for specific attributes they possess, e.g. scales, skin and specimens in general, is a very lucrative business given there are lots of collectors who're interested in buying them. However, there's always someone who screws royally in doing so, stating how he hates the Hero Association operators as he's discharging the former director but admits how useful it is that they're so predictable and easily manipulated.[2]


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