• Sannse

    Seeking Volunteer Curators

    September 12, 2017 by Sannse

    Hey OnePunch-Man Wiki community!

    I'm sure you're aware of FANDOM's editorial site, and our coverage of gaming and entertainment news. One of the features of the site is that we curate news from other sites with the intention of providing a full picture of what's happening in the world of gaming and entertainment.

    To that end, we're creating a new volunteer group at FANDOM called "Volunteer Curators". What we're looking for are subject matter experts that have deep knowledge of news and features about their favorite game, movie or TV show. If you spend a bunch of time on the anime subreddit or follow anime news obsessively, we want to talk to you!

    We're looking for people like you to help us round out our anime coverage - everything…

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  • Tomtheman99

    Will Suiryu becomes Saitama's second disciple in the future? If it is yes, it will be great since Saitama will get more monetary support.

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  • Nobody700

    For those who don't know, I made a level for disasters levels. For those called dragons, but much weaker then other dragons. 1-5 is the case, 1 being the smallest, and 5 being the biggest. I know this is non canon, but it can be fun.

    Here is to help understand how deadly these guys are.

    Wolf threat 1: A threat to children or weak people.

    Wolf Threat 2: A threat to an actual fit person.

    Wolf Threat 3: A threat to multiple people

    Wolf Threat 4: A threat to 5 fit men.

    Wolf Threat 5: A threat to ten unarmed people.

    Tiger threat 1: A threat to 100 unarmed people

    Tiger Threat 2: A threat to 200 unarmed people

    Tiger Threat 3: A threat to 300 unarmed people

    Tiger Threat 4: A threat to 400 unarmed people

    Tiger Threat 5: A threat to 500 unarmed people

    Demon Thr…

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  • Blader37

    1st theory  

    What a broken limiter really is.  

    A broken limiter is existing beyond the realm of logic and reason. What most consider as absolutes and logic but they no longer apply. Saitama-King-WDM and to a lesser extent Metal Bat are the only ones who have done this and gained different types of powers.  

    When an individual breaks his limiter he exist outside the realm of reason and logic. Certain limits are lifted to some areas of their being. So they can reach Infinity in those areas where limits no longer apply. All those who have broken their limits are Deus ex Machina.  

    King having gained the most powerful ability of all. He can win fights without even fighting. Luck/gag/plot armor or in other words bullshit powers. I think King is ev…

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  • Noobhater225


    June 9, 2017 by Noobhater225

    Just saying Hi! :D

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  • Se-itama

    One Punch Man Theories

    March 16, 2017 by Se-itama

    Hey guys, make a lot of your opinions about One Punch Man, you are more than welcome to comment down theories.

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  • HyperalloyBruteshine





    Hyping up for the MA raid, the manga has been showcasing the powers of the S-Class heroes. so far we have yet to see zombieman and darkshine in action. when and how do you think they'll be incorporated into the manga storyline to lead to the MA raid?

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  • Animeguy17

    Blast and saitama theory

    February 21, 2017 by Animeguy17


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  • Mustavi Sadi Aryan

    Hmm, I wonder if Blast could be a possible reference to Superman from DC Comics. Then again it could be false. Some opinions would be nice, too.

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  • Selfburner

    My first blog post!

    October 31, 2016 by Selfburner


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  • Inertron

    Bad news

    October 17, 2016 by Inertron

    Since Wikia is hard for me to use and because I have a life, I'm not going to be active as often. I'm only going to be on here until I get bored here and I get bored really easily, so if you want to talk, then do it while I'm still active.

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  • Drive Knight

    my favorite hero

    October 13, 2016 by Drive Knight

    1.Saitama 2.Fubuki 3.Drive Knight 4.Genos 5.Silverfang 6.Atomic Samurai 7.Tatsumaki 8.Pig God 9.Zombieman 10.Child Emperor

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  • Mr. Waddle Dee


    October 11, 2016 by Mr. Waddle Dee

    What do you think about the creature called God. Personally I think it is the God level threat that Shibabawa was talking about in her prophecy.

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  • Aggression25

    It's only because of my curiosity that I ask this question, but suppose that Tatsumaki was a villain instead of a heroine? Her personality and attire seem to direct towards the path of a maniac. She's infamous, unfriendly, has no respect for others and expects others to respect her. Egotistical and overinflated to the extreme.

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  • Gearbram

    OPM Gear - CH1

    October 9, 2016 by Gearbram

    Somewhere in the room of a manga fanatic.....

    A freshly-showered guy sits in front of his pc and is editing in a wikia page, namely the One-Punch Man Wiki.

    ???: "Yaaaawwwnnnnn... i'm tired. At least i finally managed to have this page done, phew... I wonder how the other editors in this wiki are like"

    This creepy freshly-showered guy suddenly leaves his desk and moves to the kitchen. He takes a bottle of alcohol-free beer from the fridge, scratches his ass and moves back to his otaku-room.

    ??? (Thinking): "I should seriously take a break from editing and watch some anime.... i should continue watching Genshiken, i love that anime.... Oh! I forgot!!! Finally i got my copy of the OPM manga from Amazon! It finally got released in my country and lang…

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  • Gearbram

    As the title implies, i'm bored. So i decided to make a new short story similar to Gearbram in OPM, but with much more effort and passion.

    I will be sucked in into the world of OPM somehow like the previous story, there will be a lot of changes and i might add something new into it as well (maybe my own drawings to certain scenes, like a light novel)

    OR i might write about the most recent chapters and my opinion on them :P

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  • Zeref Fullbuster


    July 29, 2016 by Zeref Fullbuster

    Will the OVAs get dubbed by Viz Media too?

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  • Buranchi

    VIZ Media Translations

    July 25, 2016 by Buranchi

    • Punch 61. Games and Combat
    • Punch 62. Limit

    • Snek
    • Boltane
    • Gatling
    • Zakkos

    • Face Ripper
    • Roach Awakening

    • Snakebite Fist (Fighting Style)
    • Fake-Out Punch
    • Dark Hell Killing Jutsu (Fighting Style)

    • Mr. Ignoramus (Mr. Nanmoshirane in scanlation)

    • Demon-Sweeper Low Kick (mentioned)
    • Bear-Killer Mid Kick (mentioned)
    • Carnage Punch (mentioned)
    • Hell-Bringin' Hand Chop (mentioned)
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  • Nobody700

    One Psycho 100%

    July 25, 2016 by Nobody700

    'This is a what if, what if Mob Psycho's cast was in One Punch man?'

    Shigeo, or rather Mob, was heading to school. Mob was thinking of yesterday, where Arata made him go after another ghost. When will he actually decide to help him? He heard screams, and a siren blaring.

    Siren: Everyone in M city, head to the shelter. A demon class monster has appeared, and defeated the A-class hero protecting the city.

    Everyone retreated, and some bumped in Mob. Mob hit the floor, and his backback fell off. He went to it, and grabbed it. Does this mean school is over? Mob decided to head back home, when he heard a sinister laugh. He turned around, to see a massive Angler fish, as huge as a truck, with human arms and legs with massive muscles.

    Angler Man: I AM…

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  • Nieznajomy43

    Sorry for my English, I'm from Poland so I'm still learning.  :)

    I created this blog mostly because I was really heavily irritated by quantity and quality of comments on the Blast's page.


    • Saitama is Blast. No, Saitama is much younger, Blast has Hair, they have different philosophies of helping people, only in black and white manga they have similar outfits.


    • Blast is a relative of Saitama. Possible, needs more evidence.


    • Blast is Mob from "MOB PSYCHO 100". Unlikely, but needs more evidence.


    • Blast is just new character. Most likely, still needs more evidence.


    • Blast does not exist. No, in 7 page 106 chapter of Onepunch-Man (Webcomic) he is shown.

    These are probably all significant theories about his true identity. along with the develo…

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  • Islandboss


    I mean, we all now sneck is the weakest in rank A class, however currently in the tournament Arc he seems to be a pretty decent martial artist, could this maybe be due to him only using martial arts? i mean sure theres the OP bang, but apart from him and snek, the other martial artists use some other device for fightting, as well as their martial artists.

    I dont know, maybe the guy he was fighting is weak or something, just list your ideas below.

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  • Pharuan Undearth


    April 21, 2016 by Pharuan Undearth

    I love editing wikias and other ancillary roles on similar sites. If there is an issue with an edit of mine, or if you want to talk, have questions on the wiki system, or about myself just ask. I will get back to you ASAP. Pharuan Undearth (talk) 18:17, April 21, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Nobody700

    As we have seen, throughout the series, multiple Humans have shown how strong they can be. Even C-Class heroes showed they can be badass. But S-Class heroes showed they can be far stronger then almost anyone. Even the weakest S-Class (King not included), are shown to be stronger then the worst demons. However, with the newest arc upon us, we see more and more people who haven't joined the HA, and may be S-Class worthy. How many S-Class heros can their be?

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  • Nobody700

    King was at home, playing a video game, while Saitama was with him, eating crackers. Genos was cleaning Kings apartment, due to wanting to assist Saitama's newest friend, and Blizzard was also there, reading through files of criminals to capture. King was playing 'GIGA PRO BATTLE GAZER 9: BLAZING HEROES' and was groaning.

    "Well, the graphics are easily the best, and I do admit the item equipping is the most exciting with triple effects, but the rest is subpar. How many times do I have to battle the Dark Lord Gozar? This is the 4th time, and I'm getting bored. Besides, the counter system is still broken since 7, and the companions only get in the way. Besides, they dumbed down the RPG for more shooting. I'm going to have to tell everyone on…

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  • MiraZoldyck568


    February 26, 2016 by MiraZoldyck568

    Don't you love everything about the series

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  • Wannamakeawiki

    What If: Shorts (2)

    January 30, 2016 by Wannamakeawiki

    What if ZombieMan were to join one of the hero factions:

    • Atomic Samurai disciples - Zombeheader/Zombipponme/Kabezombie (Special Move - Harakiri/Seppuku... and yes i don't know the moves names, i just looked half those up).
    • Tanktopper Army - Tanktop Undead/Bloody Tanktop/Tanktop Bloodstain/Tanktop Rot.
    • Blizzard Group - ZombieMan(/Zombie/Rotten Flesh).
    • [Baggy-Pants Army {referral to "Shorts (1)"} - Michael Jackson].

    What if there was a centipede high-school in OPM (there are too many anthropods... i might edit this later):


    • Junior Centipede - Most likely to die.
    • Senior Centipede - Most likely to die... twice.
    • Elder Centipede - Most likely to wreck havoc.


    • Junior Centipede - I'll be the strongest.
    • Senior Centipede - I am the strongest.
    • Elde…
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  • Japanese legz

    Does anyone know saitamas last name it doesn't say it anywhere!

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  • Nobody700

    Bang and Groribas were face to face, with Groribas sensing the wind.

    "My god... We lost Melzalgald... The destroyer of Alpha Centauri 3. Too think, he would die here... You beings are too be feared! I won't underestimate you. Purgatory Thorn Grip!"

    Groribas stomped, and vines surrounded him and Bang. Bang tore through the vines, and kicked Groribas in the stomach. Groribas was forced back by the impact, but only chuckled, and attacked Bang.


    He tried to strike Bang, but Bang dodged. Instead, the attack caused the air to ripple, and tear apart a C class hero. Bang saw that, and snarled.

    "You'll pay dearly for that."

    "Oh, like you killed my friends? This is war. It's hell for both sides."

    "You attacked us first!"

    "Well, do yo…

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  • Nobody700

    Melzelgald attacked Sweet Mask, who blocked his attack, and grabbed his arm. He over lifted Melzelgald, and threw him as hard as he could, towards a skyscraper. He destroyed the skyscraper, and morphed into a flying version of himself, heading towards Sweet Mask with double axes. He tried to butcher Sweet Mask, but ZombieMan shot him with a black eagle gun, causing his hand to burst.

    "Damn, I fought some damn ugly monsters before... But you take the cake."

    "YOU HUMAN..."

    "The politically correct term is Homo Zombieus."

    ZombieMan grabbed a shotgun, and fired it, blowing up one of Melzelgalds heads. He kept on firing, until he was out of ammo. Melzelgald was full of holes, but he was still around. He tried to crush ZombieMan with a mallet hand, …

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  • Nobody700

    Play this music during this chapter.


    Boros was face to face with two extremely powerful warriors. Platinum Sperm, and Evil Natural Water. They were some of the most powerful beings on the planet, each capable of wiping out most of the Hero association with ease. Boros fought millions of powerful warriors, but they were stronger then most. Boros was excited, and charged at them, laughing the entire time.

    "Yes, yes, rip my body apart! Tear me to shreads! Make me scream in pain!

    Boros was jumping around the area, fighting Platinum Sperm, and the two were like flashes of light, only visible when they contact each other.


    Platinum was suddenly faster then Boros, and attacked in all directions. Boros laughed,…

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  • Nobody700

    Spring mustache was in battle with multiple aliens, being surrounded, and was having difficulty. He then jumped in the air, and did a twirl.


    He stabbed all the aliens, killing them, and was back on the floor, ready to fight. He heard a scream, and saw a little girl about to be eaten by a snake like creature. Spring mustache was suddenly in front of her, and stabbed it. He turned around, and bent down to pick up the girl.

    "Don't worry little one. I'll protect you."

    "Thank you... YOU IDIOT!"

    The little girl stabbed Spring Mustache in the stomach with her hand, and she began to dissipate, revealing she was a hand. A large creature that was humanoid, with yellow skin, devil horns, and one eye licked its lips.

    Mysticism: Mid Dragon …

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  • Nobody700

    Pineapple fired his apple pine cannon, killing an alien. He saw he was out of ammo, and a giant eye ball stared at him.

    'See you: Lower demon class 2'

    It fired a laser beam, that would have incinerated Pineapple, but Puri Puri Prisoner deflected the attack, and kicked the See you in the... Eye, and killed it. Puri Puri Prisoner twirled, and pointed at Pineapple. Roughly a few dozen C class heroes and even a few B class heroes were sticking by him.

    "Come, just you alone is weak... But combined with everyone's power, we can become an unbreakable force!"

    "But... We're surrounded!"

    "Yes, but we have an advantage. None of these people are working together, but if we do, we can prove how powerful humanity is by joining together in one force! Let's go…

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  • Zerkerer

    So I watched One Punch Man for the 4th time and I've been thinking... Who's the best character in OPM? I personnally really Metal Bat. I find him oddly interesting, I love how hot headed he is and yet cares so much about his sister and his cat. I also really like Mumen Rider! Episode 8 made me shed a tear. XD

    So that's my opinion, who is you're favorite hero?

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  • Gearbram

    Hi there guys! I'm soo bored for the next few weeks (Waiting impatiently for Fire Emblem: Fates). Because of my boredom, i decided to write down my own personal rating of the Characters in OPM. I will slowly update this blog post with more and more characters.

    I rate from 1 to 10 like the databook.

    Strength - Their raw physical strength. Be it natural or artificial robotic strength.

    Speed - Their movement speed and reaction time. It is not just limited to their legwork.

    Endurance - How long they can keep fighting without exhausting or how much damage they can take (Physically speaking). Regeneration is counted here as well.

    Intelligence - How smart and knowledgeable the characters are.

    Fitness - Do not confuse it with "Strength" and "Speed". Fitness mean…

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  • Raph15

    Just finished

    January 4, 2016 by Raph15

    I just finished the series and I'm so happy! Such a good anime. So glad I finished it, but also, a little bit.....disappointed. Not with the anime, of course, I'm disappointed that there's only 12 episodes. That's not a season! A season is like 26 episodes! (Going off of Ouran Highschool Host Club) 12 EPISODES IS NOT A SEASON!!!  Unless they're making another season then there's no hard feelings. ^_^

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  • Brickhead2550

    Favorite Character?

    December 30, 2015 by Brickhead2550

    Mine's either Saitama or Speed-o'-Sound Sonic

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  • Nobody700

    What If: Saitama V.S Cain

    December 28, 2015 by Nobody700

    'In this series, I have decided that if no one can match Saitama in OPM, then maybe some outside sources can actually challenge him. The first fight will be Cain, the MC of the Cain series (a set of books).

    Cain's advantages: Over 4 million years of experience, magical powers surpassing all other humans, immortality, regeneration that makes Boros and ZombieMan's look outright pathetic, and a lot of guns. A lot.

    Saitama's advantages: He's OP.


    A large tiger like creature, with a rock body, and diamond teeth the size of a skyscraper chewing on one.

    Diamond Tiger: Upper Dragon rank 4

    It was smashing the skyscraper, and roared.


    Puri Puri Prison…

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  • Wannamakeawiki

    What if: Shorts (1)

    December 24, 2015 by Wannamakeawiki

    What if there was a Nekogeki/Nekoneko Girl (Neko=Cat, Koneko=Kitten, Kogeki=attack) in the hero association:

    Reporter: Q city has been taken over by mysterious beings.

    Hero Association Staff Member:: Where is Watchdog-man?

    Another Staff Member: He is chasing Nekoneko Girl

    Hero Association Staff Member: Again?

    What if the Tanktopper army was the Baggy-Pants army:

    B-Class Criminal: "You, you're the reason i was in jail, i'm gonna kill you"

    Baggy-Pants Master: "Can't touch this"

    What if Vaccine Man was actually Virus Man:

    Saitama: "Achoo"

    Marugori: "Ewww"

    Saitama: "Well, what do you want, i cought a virus" (killed him anyway)

    What if King was never thought to be the one who killed those Mysterious Beings(\Hall hail Saitama):

    Saitama: "So, what'd i get cal…

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  • Wannamakeawiki

    Just to be clear, before we start, this is if: Genos didn't follow the trail Mosquito Girl made, if it was if: Saitama never chased that musquito (or just killed it), it would be the same as the original story but end with Genos sacrificing himself to stop Mosquito Girl.

    (1 more note, i'm lazy so i ain't gonna copy the entire story, just start somewhere along the lines of where this should start)

    Saitama chases the mosquito down the street, nearly reaching a different city, and then he encounters Mosquito Girl

    Mosquito Girl: "Oh, so there is still food around this area"

    Saitama: "Uh? a Mysterious Being?" (thought also of "Uh? who are you?")

    Mosquito Girl: "I'm Mosquito Girl, and i am the one who's gonna drain you dry"

    Saitama: "Mosquito? wait, a…

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  • Nobody700

    Lord Boros had his arms crossed, and was surrounded by the strongest monsters on the planet, all joined together. Boros chuckled, and Gums roared, charging towards him. Boros, with one kick, obliterated Gums. Furher Ugly was shocked, and transformed to OverUgly form, which made him even more powerful then Gums. But not by much. Boros ripped his arms off, and beat him to death with it. Overgrown Rover roared, and fired a laser cannon from it's mouth. Boros was not with it, and cackled, coming out of it. He attacked OverGrown rover, who was smacked far away, crashing into a large oak tree. Boros saw lights surrounding him, and smashed into him. Homeless emperor was trying his best in killing Boros, but it didn't matter. Boros jumped in the a…

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  • Wannamakeawiki

    I missed doing pre-story notes a bit, so anyway: if you've checked up till now, you may know the rest, and if so... you may have noticed that unlike Gearbram's stories, mine don't have titles for each chapter (because they are hardly long enough for chapters, and even less for episodes), but if i were to have those, so far: Collection, Decision, Entry, Greeting, Success, Surpassing... and this should be Battle(/Very First Battle).

    Jet Spartan: "So my shield has boosters?"

    Iron Pipe: "Yep, it is also quite sturdy and strong, basically you could use those to add power to your attacks, you might even be able to do a tackle almost as strong as that of Tanktop Master"

    Jet Spartan: "Wow, really?"

    Iron Pipe: "Yeah, but still not as strong, and just b…

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  • Gearbram

    The day of the Hero Exam begun...i finished the tests quickly and got my results:

    • 50 Physical (thanks to my new body)
    • 49 Written (it was rather easy)
    • 99 total, A-Class

    Me (finally stopped talking like a robot..): “I got into A-Class wow”

    Speaker: “”Glacius” (my fake name :P) there will be a seminar for succesful candidates at 16:00. Please come to lecture hall #4”

    Me: “Hmm i should go there...”

    I went to the lecture hall. There were a bunch of other heroes present. The A-Class hero, who is welcoming us is none other than....Blue Fire.....

    Blue Fire: “Welcome new heroes, i’m the A-Class hero Blue Fire and i’ll be the one who will show you the real path to be a hero”

    It was silent inside the hall, all of the heroes, including me are behaving. It seems th…

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  • Wannamakeawiki

    (Just to make sure we're back on track:)

    Threat Level: Tiger

    (just to give a bit of description: he has short legs, a thin tails and long buff arms and hands... also wasn't sure if to give him a monologue or to make him just roar) 

    Pachycephalo-Reversaurus: "I, Pachycephalo-Reversaurus, a survivor of the Terror Lizard Clan, shall destroy all you human bugs and reclaim the earth to it's rightful owners" 

    ????: "Yeah.... that's not gonna happen" 

    Pachycephalo-Reversaurus: "And who are you?" 

    Iron Pipe: "Well, the truth is, ever since i was a kid, i always wanted to be a hero, but i guess that ain't gonna happen.... so i guess i'm just a guy, who's gonna kick your ass" 

    Pachycephalo-Reversaurus: "Ass? whatever that is, you sh…

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  • Wannamakeawiki

    -Iron Pipe is looking at a pamphlet-

    Iron PIpe: "(Super Fight, huh)" (this was actually supposed to come a lot sooner, i just forgot it)

    Faceless Smirk: "Hey, Wannamakeawiki, if you don't hurry we'll leave you behind"

    Iron Pipe: "Uh? oh right" -sees a brief weird shine from the left- "(.... odd, wonder what it was)"    

    Faceless Smirk: "Hah, knew i could make it, 75 points" (that's not so low, there are portions, Physical and Mental, even if you guys got 50 on mental, if you remember Red Muffler's Strength, 25 points is nothing to laugh at, anyhow it wasn't that) 

    Jet Spartan: "78 Points" (again sorry, i do want you guys at B-Class, but also trying to make it a bit realistic, besides... this is important to the story) 

    Faceless Smirk: "wow, real…

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  • Gearbram

    The Paradise Group Arc just ended.

    I’m making preparations for the Hero Exam. Checking my equipment and cyborg body inside my home in Z-City’s Ghost Town. Dr. Kuseno was nice enough to give me various tools, machines and blueprints after departing. I made my own laboratory and workshop in the cellar of my new home.


    I remained silent for the next five minutes...

    Me (talking normally again): “I’ll be either A or S-Class....hmpf...Sweet Mask wouldn’t allow me in i guess it will be A-Class”

    The exam will be tomorrow. My preparations are almost done…

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  • Gearbram

    Dr. Kuseno left the room we were in (i heard, how the door closed, still blind though).

    Me: " is....itchy..."

    About 20min later, the doc appeared again.

    Dr. Kuseno: “Soo, shall we start?”

    Me: “Wii..with wh...what?”

    Dr. Kuseno: “With your rebirth as a cyborg of course, or do you intent to live like this? It is up to you.”

    Me: “.....of..course..i don’t want to like this..”

    Dr. Kuseno: “Well then, let’s get started”

    I was put into somekind of general anaesthesia. Dr. Kuseno began to cybernetically enhance me....

    One day later.....

    Dr. Kuseno: “Test test! Can you hear or see me?”


    I completely changed. My appearance is now similar to Drive Knight’s. I have messy long …

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  • Wannamakeawiki

    For any info on this story do check the previous parts

    Also, i don't really know too much, and OPM is comic... so if anyone is somehow bothered by what i said, i'm sorry.

    Our two "heroes" have decided to go back to B-City to look for scraps, knowing they'll need something with which to protect themselves from danger.

    they have found scraps: a Wheelbarrow, broken TV's, Blenders, a Combat Knife, a Chainsaw, Laser Pointers, Microwaves, Engines, Batteries, Car Batteries, and some other junk... and have now decided to go back to the non-hazardous Building, to rest and do an inventory check.

    Faceless Smirk: "i can't believe you can actually make those things into weapons, someone like you..."

    Iron Pipe: "HEY!!!... anyhow we need to think of what to d…

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  • Nobody700

    Puri was on the battlefield, and directly saw his first opponent. A large blob like creature, that was blue and had one eye.


    'Blob Beast: Lower demon class 3'

    Puri Puri prisoner hated the idea of being ridiculed by the others. He knew that he was the weakest. Everyone around him, was so far beyond him. He tried to be heroic, and has dozens of deeds that more then qualified him for the position. But, instead... He's been treated like useless garbage. It was absolutely humiliating. He knew that hitching about it wouldn't change anything. He had to make people know he was useful. So, he bore a grin, and expanded his muscles.


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  • Wannamakeawiki

    NOTE: Spartan1204's hero name shall be - Jet Spartan (i was thinking Discus Champion as in Greek/Roman themed, but it didn't fit right, though it does make sense since the hero names are given by the hero association... and we all know what kind of names they give)

    Jet Spartan: "Gearbram, Nobody700, Wannamakeawiki, you guys there?"

    Jet Spartan: "Uh? not here either? i was looking everywhere, where could they be?"

    Jet Spartan Notices a note on the table from Iron Pipe (Wannamakeawiki), Saying: "Spartan(1204), (Damon)Draco, Deveros, Phantom(ofdark), if any of you guys read this, me and Nobody(700) went to get Gearbram from the OPM universe, if any of you wish to join, i've set the machine (DPG) to allow access and create the portal to our locat…

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  • Nobody700

    At the HQ of the Monster Association, the main hole was being guarded by three beings. The Great Foot tub, ranked Mid Demon threat 2, Phoenix Man, ranked Lower Demon threat 2, and Vampire, ranked Mid Demon 4. Great food tub was eating a small dog, when he sniffed the air.

    "The intruder is near."

    Phoenix man snickered, and stomped the ground, and had his bird head scream in battle, ready to kill. Vampire licked his lips, and concentrated, ready to kill. That's when Boros appeared, in front of the group. He saw the three, and checked his scanner.

    "Hmm... Only one of you is one of the 17 high power levels I detected, and that one is the one with the funny hair."


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