Blizzard Group

Fubuki Group

Blizzard group

Leader Fubuki
Headquarters Unknown
Affiliation Hero Association
Webcomic Debut Chapter 47
Manga Debut A New Wind Blows
Anime Debut Episode 6

The Blizzard Group (フブキ組 Fubuki-gumi; Viz: Blizzard Bunch) is an organization comprised of B-Class Heroes, under the leadership of Fubuki. In terms of membership, the Blizzard Group is among the largest within the Hero Association, and holds significant influence among B-Class heroes.


The Blizzard Group seems to rely on their sheer numbers to overcome villains in battle, and the members divide any resultant bounties among themselves.

Their main target now is to recruit Saitama into the group at any cost to strengthen the group even further since the group is now fully aware of Saitama's true strength. In spite of the situation, they acknowledge him as an official member of the group without his knowledge.


The Blizzard Group's uniforms consist of black business suits with white collared shirts underneath, dress shoes with white socks, and matching ties, regardless of gender. Weapons are a matter of choice between members, but largely consist of clubs, nunchaku, gauntlets, or other melee weaponry.


Human Monster SagaEdit

The Blizzard Group ArcEdit

Fubuki and her subordinates Eyelashes and Mountain Ape enter the ghost town era in Z-City in an attempt to recruit Saitama.[1] They introduce themselves to Saitama, but he was unimpressed by their offer. Fubuki orders Eyelashes and Mountain Ape to attack him, but were sent flying with one punch.[2] Fubuki proceeds to showcase her powers and attacks Saitama with a psychic barrage, but Saitama is not impressed by her ability. Saitama withstood all of her attacks and even patronizes her about being a hero. She asserts her will and continued to attack, this time with a box cutter, but was caught up by the impact of Genos' attack on Speed-o'-Sound Sonic. Saitama quickly got between Fubuki and Genos' attack, which injured her slightly.[3]

Monster Raid ArcEdit

BG under influence

The Blizzard Group surround Fubuki

The Blizzard Group save Dynamite Man from the mind-controlled heroes. They then confront Do-S and as she is about to strike them with her whip, Fubuki catches it with her psychic powers.[4] Later every member, except Fubuki, were under Do-S's mind control. Fubuki avoid harming her subordinates and uses a wave of telekinesis to stop them. While she tries to hold off her subordinates, Do-S's whip eventually manages to hit Fubuki.[5]

Fubuki blocking the groups attack

Fubuki holding off her members

Fubuki was then whipped multiple times, thinking she was under her control, Do-S reveals her plan to use Fubuki to lure out Tatsumaki. This angered Fubuki and attacks Do-S, using her Hell Storm technique, which slightly injures Do-S. As it turns out Fubuki did not succumb the monster's mind control. Do-S changes her mind and decides to kill Fubuki instead of using her to lure Tatsumaki out. Fubuki tells the monster that her sister would come anyway.[6] The mind controlled members were then ordered to fight Tastumaki, under Do-S's command as she flees from Tatsumaki. The Blizzard Group were immobilized by Tatsumaki's powers.[7]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


A New Wind BlowsEdit

Banero surrounded

Banero confronts the Blizzard Group

The Blizzard Group first appears hunting down Banero, a C-Class serial arsonist. Despite being surrounded and outnumbered, Banero resists arrest, but is defeated and beaten unconscious.However, the Blizzard Group encounters greater resistance against Demonic Fan, a Mysterious Being. Even after the arrival of their leader, Fubuki, the entire group suffers humiliating defeat and is saved only by the arrival of Fubuki's sister, Tatsumaki.

Fubuki against the wall

The Blizzard Group defeated

Tatsumaki effortlessly destroys the Mysterious Being and belittled Glasses, for being weak and leaves, taking Fubuki with her. Saitama soon arrives at the scene, and as the Demonic Fan begins to reassemble itself, Glasses implores him to flee - only to watch him put down the Demon-level Being with a single punch.[8]

Struggle of the Blizzard GroupEdit

Fubuki group and new car

The Blizzard Group's new car

The Blizzard Group is in need of a new car. Fubuki suggests that there are plenty of flyers nearby and if group works together, they should be able to earn 5 million, enough to buy a new car. The Blizzard Group begins on their part time jobs for a week. They work tirelessly, but only manage to earn 3.5 million. Luckily, Fubuki earned 2 million by herself, thus fulfilling the goal.

Fubuki refuses to leave

Saitama passes in front of her

The rest of the Blizzard Group are all very confused about how she was able to earn so much. Fubuki stated she "put her body on the line". This led the group to misinterpret Fubuki's statement, until she revealed the bounty flyers she completed. The group manage to buy the new car. Simultaneously, they receive a call of a monster on the loose. They charge forth with their new car, but end up stuck in traffic. In the end, Saitama kills the monster instead.[9]


With the exception of Fubuki, the rest of the Blizzard Group were unable to understand why their leader was so patient with Saitama, who was playing a video game while listening to Fubuki's offer for Saitama to join the Blizzard Group. As one of her men suggested in attacking Saitama, Fubuki turns down the idea where she mentions how strong Saitama; thus Fubuki challenges Saitama, and his "group," into a competition where the losing team just obey the winners. It was then later the Blizzard Group had gained a gist of how strong Saitama is after seeing the “Saitama Group,” which had King, Silver Fang, and Genos, much to their bewilderment. However, this was all in Fubuki’s expectation where she refrained from mentioning what kind of team battle would take place until Saitama signs a contract, which he imprudently signs without reading it. Knowing that her team would be unable to defeat Saitama’s team, in a competition of brute force, Fubuki was able to trick Saitama’s team in having a video game competition. As Bang, Genos, and lastly Saitama were defeated, Fubuki then began to gloat in how she would have Saitama, along with three S-Class heroes, join the Blizzard Group. However, Fubuki miscalculated as she was unaware in how good King was in video games where he single-handedly defeated her thirty gamers. Thus, the Blizzard Group was forced to obey Saitama’s team as they lost the bet.[10]


The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things HappeningEdit

During the Deep Sea King's invasion on land, the Blizzard Group fought one of the Seafolk. Lily tried to attack it, but the monster used Acid Ball, but was saved by Fubuki. Fubuki then uses Hell Storm to defeat the monster and to spread the name of her group, but was dishearted to figure out the group was not in the newspaper.[11]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Blizzard Group composes of B-Class heroes of various ranks and are fairly strong.

Psychic Combatant: Fubuki taught the Blizzard Group one psychic technique:

  • Psychic Binding (念動金縛り, Nen-dō Kanashibari): An ability used to suppress the power of another esper. They first used it on Tatsumaki, but failed miserably.


Name Position Status
Mountain ApeMemberActive
GlassesMemberLeft Group


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