Atomic Samurai vs. Haragiri
Atomic Samurai vs. Haragiri
Arc Super Fight Arc
Event Council of Swordmasters Meeting
Location G-City
Outcome Atomic Samurai is victorious. Haragiri is killed
Atomic Samurai Haragiri
Abilities and Techniques
Atomic Samurai
  • Swordsmanship
  • Swordsmanship
Manga Chapter 69
List of Fights
Previous Flashy Flash vs. Hundred-Eyes Octopus
Next Saitama vs. Suiryu

Atomic Samurai vs. Haragiri is a fight between the S-Class hero Atomic Samurai and the monster Haragiri.


Atomic Samurai calls for a meeting with the Council of Swordsmen to ask them for assistance in killing Garou. Haragiri mocked Atomic Samurai's pleas and reveals that he injected himself with Monster Cells and joined the Monster Association. Haragiri then orders everyone to eat the Monster Cells or die, but stated he will kill Atomic Samurai nevertheless.


Haragiri draws his sword and tries to cut Atomic Samurai, but the hero sliced Haragiri into small pieces, before the monsters sword could connect.


Haragiri is killed and Atomic Samurai decided to strike the Monster Association, along with his pupils Iaian, Bushidrill and Okamaitachi. He searches through the mountains with his disciples for any hint of the Monster Association and destroys any monster they encounter.