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Accel (アクセル, Akuseru) is the founder and current leader of the Hunters as well as the founding member of the Neo Heroes.


Accel is a young man of avarage height with messy black hair and dark eyes. He wears a long-sleeves black shirt below a vest with pockets, armored gauntlets, jeans pants with knee pads and roller skates on his feet.


Accel comes off as a man of integrity who looks after the well being of his subordinate in the Hunters crew with responsibility. These traits feeding into his very untrusting outlook of the current Hero Association, stating that they are a vain organization that cares more about their wealth and reputation than humanity's well being.

He's also particularly observant. Being perceptive in pointing out how the HA cared more for catering to the wealthy and influential, obsessing over keeping up personal appearances, coupled with their constant hoarding of assets yet taking staff and they're many harms and fouls committed more for granted; than actually getting anything done with the amount of resources at their disposal.


Fall of the Hero Association ArcEdit

One day Accel was approached by a Hero Association scout with the offer to make his vigilante group join the Hero Association in exchange for monetary and medical support, but Accel pointed out the latter's incapacity to properly handle the latest threats and their dwindling regard for the common people, immediately turning down their offer.

As the scout was leaving, Accel told her that the current Hero Association won't exist for long, as a new Hero Association called Neo Heroes made by his Hunters, deserter members of the Association and other civilians of skill will soon replace them.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As the leader of the renowned vigilante team the Hunters, Accel could be considered a very strong individual. The Hero Association scout promised him that, were he to join them, they would immediately place him among the S-Class heroes, giving testament to his strength.