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[ A New Wind Blows ]
Special Chapter
Volume 3
Title A New Wind Blows
Viz Media Title A New Wind Blows
Pages Online release: 27
Volume release: 28
Release date December 6, 2012
Webcomic None

A New Wind Blows (吹き込む新風, Fukikomu Shinpū) is a special chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Glasses is a B-Class Rank 21 professional hero who recently joined the Blizzard Group. While on patrol, he watches Sweet Mask's interview on a giant screen in city square, interviewed about his philosophy of being a hero and promoting his new movie.

Glasses is then lectured by a Eyelashes for looking away, because he may lose sight of their target. Their target is the C-Class criminal Banero, a red hooded serial arsonist, who apparently worth some points for heroes. Glasses is troubled because on that day there was also a special sale on vegetables, eventually thinking back to a time when he was an office worker, and life was hard, and that one day on the train, he noticed the Hero Association advertisement.

Banero surrounded

Banero surrounded by the Blizzard Group

Banero is surrounded by the Blizzard Group, who tell him to surrender, and if he does not, they'll attack. Banero is mocks the heroes for how they all wear the same black suits, Eyelashes then tells him that is their team color. While the Blizzard Group fights Banero, who uses Molotov cocktails as a weapon. Glasses thinks of how even in the Hero Association there are factions, and how the Blizzard Group which is pulling the strings behind B-Class is the biggest one, and how he had to join them. After the defeat of Banero, the members of the Blizzard Group are debating how to divide the credit for defeating Banero, and while they think should be equal, Eyelashes claims he does not think Glasses deserve a fair share, for he is incompetent.

Later on, the Blizzard Group is shown fighting a mysterious being called Demonic Fan, who's capable of creating strong winds. Claiming they cannot beat it, Fubuki then appears, telling them with confidence that she will take care of the rest, and that they can go home, causing them relief and the desire to get up cheer her on. Glasses then thinks of how he has changed after meeting someone with an unusual ability like Fubuki, who uses supernatural abilities to defeat mysterious beings, which is very uncommon even among heroes, and that her qualities and abilities are way above the average level.

Fubuki against the wall

Fubuki anf the Blizzard Group defeated

Fubuki then proceeds to attack the Demonic Fan with her Hell Storm, but is swiftly defeated, along with the rest of the Blizzard Group. Glasses,was the only one still standing. After thinking he is doomed, he is then blown away along with a part of the wall by a Tatsumaki. She then proceeds to ask Glasses if he is a friend of her sister's, from her B-Class group, to which he replies he is just her subordinate, Tatsumaki insults him and breaks his spirit. Demonic Fan begins to attack Tatsumaki, but is capable of blocking, Tatsumaki notices the creatures ability, and comments that considering her sister's level of power, she can see why she lost.

Tatsumaki kills DF

Tatsumaki defeats Demonic Fan

She then proceeds to disassemble the creature and leave, carrying along her sister with her psychic power. Glasses then notes of how much stronger Tatsumaki is than him, remembering the insult he received earlier, he starts complaining of how he cannot fight without special powers, and how "unfair" society is, claiming that even though he trained more than anyone, without special powers, he stands no chance. Saitama then walks to Glasses and tells him that he came because he heard on the news that a mysterious being appeared in the area. Glasses unable to recognize the hero, thinking he is some unknown C-Class, tells him he is too late and that it has been taken care of, to which the Saitama replies that it is still moving.

Eopm special 023

Glasses begging Saitama to reconsider

Glasses notices it trying to reassemble itself and notes that it can probably only be beaten by destroying it's propeller. Saitama proceeds to take care of the monster, but is stopped by Glasses who tells him he stands no chances and that he should run away, and while that Saitama tells him that he'll be fine for he is strong, Glasses replies saying that he cannot, and that even he himself, who trained so hard, was no match for it, and that there's a limit to what normal people are capable of. Demonic Fan attacks, but is swiftly destroyed by the Saitama, who was bothered by the freezing wind. Saitama then tells Glasses that he just hasn't trained enough, and that he should not mope around and just move forward. Glasses unable to believe that Saitama has become so strong by training, thinks said person is the son of a millionaire that has received some special training, but his theory is shattered when he hears him talking about a special sale he has to go to.

Later on, two men from the Blizzard Group are apparently talking about Glasses, and how he quit the group while continuing his work as a professional hero, thinking he has no chance against them, and that they should not fret for they are sure he will quit being a hero shortly, while Glasses is behind them, jogging.

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