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Strength, Speed, Durability Levels

I think there should be more than just 2 levels. Having Deep Sea King’s strength at the same category as Boros’ doesn’t do it justice. Boros’ punch did more damage to the sip than the moon jump. Putting it at the same category as building destroying doesn’t make sense.

I think it should be:

1- Enchanced : low-mid level Superhuman stats upto low Demon level

2- Great : From average Demon level up to top Dragon level

3- Tremendous : top Dragon level and above like Boros and maybe GS

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Yo everyone !

Love OPM ❤
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Fubuki and Tatsumaki

Fubuki could surpass Tatsumaki if she followed Saitama's training regimen. Most characters in the OPM universe hold themselves back due to their misconceptions. Fubuki looks for strength in her swarm of B classes. This comforts her but makes her neglect her training. The Blizzard group should train together!
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G5 is driveknight

Think about it. The first clue is when the hero association manager says he lost contact with him. That implies that he either died or turned of contact to avoid suspicion from monsters. 2nd, if he died, gorou would have mentioned it." Our victories include metal knight, drive knight....." 3rd in chapter 86, when gorou asked g5 how he knew where their hide out is, he was speechless but gorou just said whatever and looked to something else. 4th, when he captured the squad of mercanaryies, he doesn't kill them, but instead gives them to gorou, in addition, when they are about to eat the mercanaryies, he pointed out their cool battle suits so the monsters will let them go. He did this to save their lives. Finally, G5 and drive knight have the one red flowing eye and drive knight has his box so he can look like G5. Anyway, this theory is basically 10000% right, but if don't think so, tell me why.
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Saitama's special skill?!

Just a thought, but am thinking of 2 specifically.
Levelup! Would fit in with the parody concept in the anime (on mmo gaming). Everyone else is lvl 50 (at max) and he is already level 1000+
He autodrains defeated enemy powerlevels? That would explain why he startet so weak in origin story.
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Watchdog Man's Effectiveness

Just something I find weird. Watchdog Man takes care of the most dangerous city by himself. As well as taking down monsters faster than any other hero. Yet he is only ranked 7 in Effectiveness. How could this be? Do any of you guys have guesses as to why this is?
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Category Change

Hello. I think we should change the name of the "Dragon+" category on Boros, Garou and Orochi's pages to "Dragon or Above". This being because Dragon+ isn't an actual term, and the term ONE and Murata use for these types of characters is "Dragon or Above".

It's not too major of a thing, however I think we should strive to be as accurate as possible, and go for the official term of something rather than a fan name.

This category would also match with the infobox on these characters, since on the infoboxes their Level's are listed as "Dragon or Above".

Since this isn't too important of an issue I'm fine if it's decided to stay the way it is. Just a polite suggestion of mine,
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How Strong is Saitama will be in ONE Year After REMOVED HIS LIMITER

Saitama REMOVED HIS LIMITER this means he have infinite potential like Goku and Superman and he never stopped training and this fact from Murata this means he do 100 Push-Ups 100 Sit-Ups 100 Squats 10 KM Everyday
If we say that Saitama is just human level and his Strength Durability and Speed multiply at least two times in day Saitama Strength will multiply in one year 7.5 Billion Googol Times


SPEED : M.FTL+ (192.5 Googol x SPEED OF LIGHT)
L.STRENGTH : 375 Billion Googol KG

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The New Admins

I was initially going to have a poll and have the top two become the new admins. However, the only two candidate suggestions that qualified for 250 edits requirement lol. So there will be no poll and Damage3245 and Bookkeeper83 will get admin powers.
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New Admin

Some of OPM Wiki's Admins have become busy and are no longer able to be as active as they used to be. So we will need new active users to take their place. Please put suggestions on this thread on who you think should be promoted to administrator. I will then create a follow up poll where you will then vote on the suggestions, the winner will become a new admin. The suggestions that are allowed on the poll need to have made at least 250 edits on this wiki.
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Let's Settle This.

Goku Vs Saitama

According to me It's Goku.
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One Punch Man IN 11 MINUTES (English subs)

One Punch Man EN 11 MINUTOS
One Punch Man EN 11 MINUTOS YouTube
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One punch man

I've heard these rumors online as well about "ONE PUNCH MAN'S 2ND SEASON RELEASE?!" Anyone know someone on the inside that can provide some Intel on this topic and shed some light???? Lol (=
I can't imagine Saitama losing a fight lol.
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Volume 16 Extra Content


Please update the pages appropriately with the information from these pages.

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Why Saitama would decimate Goku.

Alright. I've heard a lot of contriversy on if Saitama could beat Goku. And I am here to tell you today, that Satiama would Goku, and anyone. 

I'm going to go with Saitama's feats. Also, I'm not counting the dream sequence. Anyways, let's start with Marugori. Saitama jumps up, and slams his fist into Marugori's cheek, most likely breaking his jaw. I would say his neck, considering on how far in flew back, but that's just me. Marugori can add up to about Vegeta at 24,000 when he first came to Earth. This is as low as I can go, besides full power Nappa, which probably isn't the case.

The Beast King. I can add him up to around Vegeta's full power on Earth when he was using his final move. With a bored look on his face, Saitama easily kills him with with the Normal Consecutive Punches. Beast King's top body is completely ripped off, either completely destroyed or just flew off the camera view. I really doubt Saitama was trying.

Carnage. Carnage's normal form probably adds up to Frieza's 2nd form at full power, and Carnage's Carnage mode is probably around Frieza's final form at 25% power, at the most. Now, Saitama was clearly panicing at the time about the bargain sale at the store. He wasn't paying attention at ALL at Carnage, taking all the hits Carnage threw.

Now, let me just mention his sparring with Genos. Now, Genos is extremely powerful. He's no pushover. But, Saitama took him like nothing. When Genos wanted Saitama to take him seriously So, Saitama throws a punch. Now, I'm going to say he was using about 50% of his power. I'll get to this later, because if he used 100%, even with that force, Genos would either fly back, have his face get ripped off, or die completely. Now, back to the force. Saitama threw a punch, then stopped, having Genos' hair fly back. As he turns around, he sees that the force competely penetrated a mountain. Now, if you look off into the distance, you see OTHER mountains destroyed. And they're from far away from the original mountain you see. Now, that could either be a valley, or an opening, but considering the shape, it was most likely from Saitama.

Alright, here's a biggie. The Deep Sea King. (DSK). A few S Class heroes fought DSK, and were completely outmatched. They both ended on the ground, on the verge of death. Especially Genos. Genos is probably in the top 5 of strongest S Class heroes, and even though he had a good fight, he still lost. Then, Saitama came up. Clearly bored, and fed up with DSK for almost killing his student, he just wants to get it over with. The DSK hits Saitama, and he doesn't really care. He takes it like a champ. The DSK goes for another attack, but Saitama punches him. Destroying him. COMPLETELY. This isn't the only thing. When Saitama hits him, the force of his punch throws back all the rain and clouds. All of them. Nothing more to say about that.

Here it is. Boros. Boros is probably Majin Buu at his first form of power, and Full Power Boros is probably around Kid Buu Level., due to their destructive abilities. Now, the fight is pretty self-explanatory, besides when Saitama brings his "final move," Saitama parts the clouds completely on the world. Moving on. But the good stuff is what Boros says at the end of the fight. When Boros mentions it was hard fought, Saitama replies with, "It was." It's what Boros says next. "You lie." Boros clearly can tell when someone is powerful, so he can tell Saitama is off his charts. Saitama had strength to spare, stated by Boros. Saitama obviously more powerful than anyone. While this is great proof, there is one more humongous piece of information.

In the OPM web comic, it is stated by the infamous Dr. Genus, that Saitama has "removed his limiter." Even though Saitama is a human, he has surpassed his limiter to getting stronger, while Goku still has that. As a Saiyan, Goku has a very, very big limiter. Giant, probably the biggest one, considering he can always get stronger. He can undergo transformations. But, still, he has a limiter. Saitama is a human, so he has a short one. But, he surpassed it. I say, it's like a cliff. A steep one. You can get to one point where you've hiked cannot surpass. To the point where you kind of just give up, or keep on trying, and get nowhere. Is what NORMAL humans would do. Saitama is no normal human. He has climbed past the the cliff. And, at that point, its just the trail you need to walk along. I would say that, considering Saitama's strength thus far, he surpassed his limiter either a year, half a year, or two years into his training. Now, Dragon Ball fans. Hear me out. I like Dragon Ball too, but you can't ignore the facts. As much as Goku can improve, even get to the power level of Googleplex, nothing can beat the power of Infinity.

Well, thanks reading my rant.

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murata's/ONE's news page

sorry to bother, but where can i find the page where new info is added or posted from murata and ONE time to time? ive gone to it, before, but i cant seem to find it anymore. can someone help me out?

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Are there any anime who are close to Dragon Ball Z and One Punch Man anime?

I am looking at these terms:

1.Characters: not kids and teenagers... I want people like 20+(yo)  like in OPM and DBZ.I don't want them to be annoying, I don't want girls to be there just for fanservice,like they're not in OPM and DBZ. I want them to have decent story and background.

2.Setting: No school setting please. Like 90% of schools revolve around school settings and teenagers.Anything but school settings.

3.Story:I don't mind any story whatsoever.

4.Genre: Action(80%) and little bit of comedy(20%), like MCU, OPM and DBZ. 

5.Plot and anything else; no fanservice, to have blood and gore(like OPM and DBZ), to have little bit darkness in it( like Frieza beating Vegeta back then that was brutal and dark).I also don't want overreacting and extended dramas( like DBZ and OPM don't have).Also, to not have like those stupid tropes-cliches that anime usually have( OPM and DBZ probably have some of those tropes, but not much, liek Genos over-explaining and Boros explaining durign battle, but Saitama shut them down xd)

I watched JoJo trailer, question is: Is Jojo going by all terms and are there any anime which are going by those terms? Thanks in advance.Also, sorry for any mistakes and spelling errors if I've had made.

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Webcomic Info on the Wiki

I would like editors who have read the webcomic to take some time to update the webcomic info on the wiki. One of the major complaints about the Wiki right now is lack of consistent webcomic info. Thank you for your efforts in advance.
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Why put Saitama against other characters?

Tbh I'm tired of these "VS. debates" with Saitama against X character, seriously what's the point of it? Saitama is a joke character, he wins even without feats, and I'm also tired of the toxic assholes trying to underpower Saitama because of that "no-limits fallacy" or whatever the fuck that even means, or the whole "every 4D+ being crushes Saitama".......

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